If you’re striving to fulfill your dreams …

… but your plans and efforts fail, consider something akin to your original dream. Such is the case from Dale Callahan’s blog post:

All I could think about was my friend Tim Taylor – who wanted to be an astronaut but vomited 80 times on one training exercise (a training flight commonly called the Vomit Comet). His performance essentially washed him out of the program. He then continued to work for NASA and became a member of the shuttle launch team – a job he truly LOVES. His statement to me has always been….

Find your dream and then get as close to it as possible!

I love this quote – it is so practical – so real – and yet so lofty.

via Put your dreams on hold.


I don’t know with you but there are times when I feel like my dreams are unrealistic, so high, so big, too far away, … impossible. Granted, circumstances in life will truly make one’s journey for his dreams more difficult. Other times, unfortunately, it will even hinder him from achieving what he aims to accomplish. Apparently, not all of our dreams are meant to come true.

There is the concept of “realistic thinking”. Yes, we also think realistically, but we still hold on to our dreams on the off-chance that an opportunity might pop up to make it come true. But what if you waste your time yearning for that opportunity? What if you’ve gotten old and incapable and still, that opportunity hasn’t arrived? What if it won’t arrive at all?

It’s a difficult business: balancing realistic thinking and the quest to realize your dreams. You’ve been through a lot of disappointments that you don’t want any more of it. And so, you wise up and try to strike that balance.

This is what I appreciate in Tim Taylor’s statement. If ever you fail in striking that balance … if you have exhausted everything to attain your dreams but still failed … if you come to the point when you have to choose between your dreams and sound reason: you can settle for something close to or related to your original dream.

Here’s to hoping you will find what makes you happy!
Cheers! 😀


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