macapuno-image-from-Burnt-LumpiaVanilla, chocolate, or something else entirely?

Is it just me, or whenever I come across a choice of different flavors, such as above, I always think of ice cream. Even though a particular set of flavor choices do not actually pertain to ice cream, I still think about it. It could be a set of flavor choices for cake, cookies, and donuts, and yet I always of ice cream, nothing more, nothing less.

But if I was in a grocer looking through various tub gallons of ice cream flavors, I would choose to buy macapuno! It’s been my favorite since childhood. “What flavor is that? you ask. Basically, it’s a food product from a variety of coconut — sweetened coconut meat.

Macapuno ice cream has the taste of subtly sweetened coconut meat but in a different food form and texture. Just imagine cooled sweet coconut cream delighting your taste buds: absolutely heavenly!

Now, for the sad part: I don’t see macapuno ice cream being sold anywhere in and near my area nowadays! I don’t when the production of macapuno ice cream stopped; I just noticed it since Christmas of 2010.  I meant to get macapuno ice cream for desert but ended up with another flavor. Every other occasion that I prepared food for after then — New Year’s, Valentine’s, and birthdays — I attempted to look for macapuno ice cream, but to no avail.

I’ve been settling for my second ice cream flavor ever since: Ube. In the absence of Ube, my third favorite would be Mango.

Yeah, I don’t go for chocolate. Personally, after eating anything chocolate-flavored, I feel like I’m going to balloon into a whale after a few minutes. This, despite the fact that ice cream, regardless of flavor, is packed with calories.

I should mention that I try to lay off of sweet food: they make my throat sore, which usually leads to tonsillitis. I don’t know if it’s valid, but I’m guessing macapuno, ube, and mango ice cream are less sweet than chocolate?

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?


via Daily Prompt: 32 Flavors | The Daily Post

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