Why Still Single?

Sometimes, I meet friends from elementary and college. My friends from high school, I meet most of the time; if not all the time. Anyway, in almost every meet-up, these people ask me this same question over and over: “How’s your love life?”

There would be variations to the question, such as the following:

“Why still single?”

“You’re still single!?” *gasp* “WHY!!??”

“What’s new with you? Have you found ‘The One’?”

I don’t get it. Is being a relationship a requirement for LIVING? The last time I checked, people whom I know to have been living ALONE are still thriving and kicking ass. Actually, they’re even far better off at their careers compared to their married counterparts.

It’s just annoying, really, when I keep getting these questions and having to patiently answer and explain to each individual.

So to those asking why I’m still single, here are a few answers that I micro-blogged when a Twitter trend started a couple of days ago:

And my number one reason for not being in a relationship yet: I cannot afford to have a family at my current disposition up to five years.

You don’t get into a relationship if you’re not taking starting a family and parenthood seriously, yes?


P.S.: The hashtag/trending topic, #ICAPSLOCKMOPARAINTENSE basically means tweeting in all uppercase letters for strong effect. 😀


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Recis Dempayos

Budding YouTuber / vlogger, occasional blogger, aspiring multimedia artist.

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