Visiting the Earlier Middle Earth

 poster-gandalf-the-greyI finally got to see The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, all thanks to our friends, Fr. Vincent Giovanni and Junelyn. Just like the earlier Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, this first installment in a planned series of prequels was shown this December. It definitely brings back memories when the LOTR movies were shown every Christmas season.

So how did I find this movie? Amazing! Fantastic! Definitely recommended … but with a BIG “BUT”!

First, but not required, you must have read the Lord of the Rings novels and The Hobbit. It’s not necessary — Heck! I even failed at trying to read those books! — but it will help the audience understand the land of Middle Earth. Plus, reading these novels first will give you your own version of the characters and how they go about their adventures.

Second, and the most recommended of the two: you must see the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy first. A person who watches An Unexpected Journey before LOTR might be confused with the events and the appearances of the characters. For example, in the opening sequence of An Unexpected Journey, we see Frodo Baggins, one of the protagonists of LOTR. After a few minutes, he disappears; you might wonder who he is, what is he doing on-screen, and just where did he go. Although the movie can stand on its own (together with its future sequels), it’s not 100% independent from LOTR. But of course: Bilbo’s discovery of the One Ring in The Hobbit led to the events of the Lord of the Rings!

What will one expect from this movie? Lots of dwarfish antics! Which I don’t appreciate, actually; I’m more of an elf person. But one thing’s for sure, you will not take your eyes off of the screen. I know I didn’t. I was about to open my smartphone when the dwarves suddenly escaped from the goblins! Distractions were no use!

All in all, I definitely had a fun time and am looking forward to the sequel next year. Knowing that we will get to see a Tolkien-inspired movie for the big screen in future Christmases gives us a warm glow. Seeing the trademark font face of LOTR and unmistakable Middle Earth inhabitants make us giddy! Here’s to hoping for a successful movie adaptation of The Hobbit. 😀

By the way, here’s a review of the movie that I vlogged and uploaded to YouTube:


Poster Source


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