Eleven Highlights of the Months That Have Passed

For this post, I will indicate an event or two that occurred in a particular month and that which I consider as the highlight(s) of that month. Normally, I would go over my notes, papers, documents, paraphernalia, etc. to be reminded of what happened over the months that have passed for this year. I do tend to forget things. 😛 However, I’ve decided to jot all that I remember from memory — no references. That way, I can confidently say that a particular event was a highlight because it was cemented in my memory. It was something I cannot forget. It was something that left an impression in me.

Looking back on the past now, I can say that this isn’t one of my best years, but still, better than 2011. 🙂

So, here we go:


It was my dad’s second death anniversary. Me and my mom prayed for nine days, leading up to his death on the 10th. It was weird ’cause it was the New Year and instead of being in a celebratory mood, we had to tone down the atmosphere.

Went to Hong Kong for a 12-day vacation, including a side trip to Macau. I wanted to see a “special girl” there and maybe spend some time with her, but I never saw her. Maybe it just wasn’t meant to be. 😦


Me and my aunt went to Manila for two purposes: to accomplish my aunt’s visa for her to be able to return for work in Saudi and to accomplish my registration for the entrance exam to the Bachelor of Music program at the University of the Philippines.

I stopped going to Baguio Music Studio, the informal music school that I was going to that served as my “review center” for the entrance exam that I planned to take.

Modeled for a “levitation” shoot.


I took the entrance examination for the Bachelor of Music program of the University of the Philippines. I clearly remember the name and look of the hall where I took it: the beautiful Abelardo Hall.

Ran in a 12K category fun run without stopping. That was when I felt athletic. 😀

Took part in the La Trinidad Strawberry Festival by representing our photography group, The La Trinidad Shutterbugs (LTSB) in the parade, since I was a model in the said group. Ran in the 5K category fun run of the same festival.


I received the results of the exam: FAILED. For the second time. I cried my heart out.


I considered taking a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications (as my second degree), so I shopped around the schools in the nearby City of Baguio. I completed all the requirements needed by the school that I chose: Saint Louis University.

Participated in the first Baguio Blog Conference.


Change of plans. Actually, I was advised to take a Master’s degree instead, since I was a professional (and a certified professional at that!) nurse. I stuck to my former university: Benguet State University. They had an open university and offered a Master in Development Communication program. I thought, “Close enough to Mass Communications, but different in practice. Oh well.”

In the same month, I started school at the open university.

It was also my birthday this month, which I celebrated with our photography group, The La Trinidad Shutterbugs (LTSB). Modeled for a product shoot.

Had a video audition for a field reporter position. I didn’t get a call-back. 😦


Felt the stress and burn-out of Master’s school, coupled with the pressures of finding employment. I felt like I had lost my direction in life.


Applied for an online audio transcriber job. I got the position but received assignments on a staggered basis.


Donated blood.

One of our close friends came back from Riyadh and as such, we had lots of outings.

I quit my online audio transcriber job. The pay wasn’t worth it and I felt cheated with the unpaid but REQUIRED tasks that I had to do to be paid.


Went swimming with close friends at Itogon. It also served as our ultimate get-together/bonding activity before we parted ways again.

It was also the end of the first semester for my Master in Development Communication program. I was deliberating whether to continue it or go back to my original plan of taking a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication as my second course.

Jump-started this blog and all other social media platforms that I had after being a member of the Baguio Bloggers Society.


Enrolled for the second semester of my Masters program. 🙂 At the same time, I felt the pressure of needing to come up with my potential thesis project despite that I have only spent one semester in my Master’s program. 😯

Became a godfather to my niece.


So there you go. Full of bittersweet moments.

I created this post in accordance with the following blog posting prompt. Click the “via” link to find out more and/or how to join. 🙂

Let’s start another project/challenge now, shall we? One that will look back at the year that was. One that will look forward to the one that is to come. One that will spread warm and fuzzy feelings all around. In the span of 12 blog entries. Anyone want to sing a round of “12 Days of Christmas” with me?

12 Drummers Drummin: 12 lessons you’ve learned from 2012.

11 Pipers Piping: 11 highlights from each of the 11 months that have passed.

via Fire Potion « sketches and scribbles (reloaded).

Cheers! 😀


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