Twelve Lessons from 2012

The year is about to end and it gives me a jumbled set of emotions: happiness, sadness, anger, despair, excitement, inspiration … all sharpened by Hope.

I usually blog about this every end of the year, but I took a break from blogging last year so it’s only now that I will get to do this again.

Truth is, people learn a lot in a year: the “intellectual and technical stuff”, concepts, theories, and  things that one needs to know to perform his job. There also a lot of “life lessons” stuff that we learn like on love, family, relationships, motivation, and career. Basically, these are the lessons that I learned this year that stand out and are worth sharing:

  1. The value of being “busy”. Most people prefer to live the easy and convenient lifestyle, not giving importance to the overwhelming number of things that they do. I was in a similar situation, doing a lot of things in a day then suddenly just wanting to stop and laze around. I ended up not achieving what I needed to accomplish, which gave me a sense of unfulfillment. The thing is, we should accept the blessing that we are kept occupied, giving us a sense of fulfillment everyday. It does give meaning and distance to our lives — a distance that we can traverse.
  2. Choose the right changes over the good. Not all change is good and right. Some changes are good, but are still wrong. In the same way, not all change is bad and wrong. Some changes are bad, but are still the right ones to take. Ultimately, the right should prevail over the good.
  3. Live positively and positive and radiant blessings will follow.
  4. Live by and from what you have.
  5. If your plans don’t turn up the results you were expecting, change your plans. But after repeated change and implementation of plans, you still haven’t accomplished your goals, change your behavior and attitude.
  6. No matter how much negativity exists in the world, don’t let it break your spirit.
  7. Exercise your Faith openly, no matter how much “secular” people are these days.
  8. Live the young life and it will manifest on your entire entity.
  9. Criticisms are a part of life, but fight those you bash you in a civil manner. This is an idea that I adhere to, which is why I support bills and laws that aim to punish Internet trolls. It’s time to make the Internet safe and conducive to learning, like it was before.
  10. Laugh off problems and you will see a way out that you didn’t see before.
  11. Everything that happens to our lives follows a GOD-orchestrated plan. Have Faith that your life has direction, even though you are in the dumps right now. All the things that are happening to you are preparatory actions for what is to come, so you will be worthy to face its hurdles and/or so you will enjoy it fully. It takes time … lots of it, i.e., five or more years … so keep your Faith. Remember, it’s a GOD-orchestrated plan.
  12. Find peace with the past so you can enjoy your present and plan a prosperous future.

And with that, Merry Christmas to all! Happy holidays! And may you all have a prosperous New Year!

Cheers! 😀


This blog post was inspired by this blog post prompt published by my friend, Mari. Visit the “via” link to know more about it and on how to join.

Let’s start another project/challenge now, shall we? One that will look back at the year that was. One that will look forward to the one that is to come. One that will spread warm and fuzzy feelings all around. In the span of 12 blog entries. Anyone want to sing a round of “12 Days of Christmas” with me?

via Fire Potion « sketches and scribbles (reloaded).


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