Another Death

It’s so heart-breaking when people you love suddenly pass away with just a few days before Christmas.

Last week, we were taken back when a schoolmate of ours succumbed to cancer. It was a sad time because he left behind a widow and two young boys. We hope and pray that the family of the bereaved will be able to bounce back for the sake of those who were left behind.

Just today, we were again devastated by the untimely passing of the father of one of our dear friends. We thought he was in good health since he just came out of the hospital feeling good. Apparently, life ends when you don’t expect it.

What’s worse, in the case of our dear friend, is that she just went overseas to work as a nurse. She spent only two months abroad and now, she has to come back home. Who knows if her employers will allow her to come back home? If they do allow her, will she have a job to return to after the wake and the burial?

Just thinking of these breaks our hearts.

You see, we have seen the troubles and all the lows our friend has been through. When she was granted a work permit, a job, and a plane ticket overseas, we were overjoyed that at last, life would turn out great for her. But apparently, just when a person is given the opportunity to rise, events would turn up and try to pull them back down again.

We hope this would not be the case.


Published by

Recis Dempayos

Budding YouTuber / vlogger, occasional blogger, aspiring multimedia artist.

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