Kudos to the “Seek Him in Song” 2012 Concert

We were fortunate enough to watch a Christmas choral concert at the Baguio Cathedral last Thursday (13 December 2012). The performers were the Coro de San Jacinto from Cagayan with the participation of the Schola Cantorum, the choir of the San Pablo Seminary. The concert also featured the UST Symphony Orchestra. The choir director was Fr. Ranhilio Aquino. It was a two-hour show with four acts. The repertoire consisted of praise, liturgical, Christmas, Filipino, and contemporary songs.

We got front-row seats for free! We thank Fr. Vincent Giovanni Wacas for the opportunity, as well as the organizers and all those behind the materialization of the concert. We’re looking forward to next year’s Christmas concert. Congratulations to all! 😀

Watch my related video playlist after the jump:


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Recis Dempayos

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