Blessings and Tragedies This Week

What a week! A lot has happened that put both a smile and a frown on our faces. Our spirits were lifted up and were devastated. Life is really a roller coaster ride and there’s no telling what will happen. Sometimes, what you expect doesn’t materialize; conversely, what you don’t expect happens out of the blue. It’s good to know that although the things that happen  to us are negative, there are also those that are positive.

Time is another factor. You plan for the long-term but suddenly, everything took a shortcut and happened immediately. There are also negatives and positives in these outcomes. And those that you aim to accomplish right away cannot be done so in what seemed to be a planned-out short span of time. Better luck next time! 😛

These are the positives and negatives that happened. Let’s start with the negatives:


  1. Manny Pacquiao lost in his fourth fight against Juan Manuel Marquez.
  2. We lost a schoolmate to cancer cells that metastasized to his lymph nodes from his testicles. He underwent a successful surgery against testicular cancer but the cancer cells just didn’t leave him and infected his lymph nodes.
  3. We were unrepresented in the Philippine House of Representatives in the second reading and voting for the Reproductive Health Bill. We are not in favor of the said bill but it passed the second reading with a close 113 — 104 tally.
  4. The Connecticut shooting. Twenty very young children were killed. We are devastated by this incident.


  1. We witnessed a wonderful Christmas choral concert for free! The best part? Front row seats!
  2. We are now a YouTube Partner! Subscribe to our channel and like our videos at our channel.

Hmm … twice as many negatives. No bother, we refuse to be unhappy this Yuletide season. Let’s continue with the positivism while acknowledging and learning from the negatives.

Cheers to all!


Published by

Recis Dempayos

Budding YouTuber / vlogger, occasional blogger, aspiring multimedia artist.

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