Baby It’s Cold Outside by CeeLo Green, feat. Christina Aguilera

While browsing YouTube, I stumbled upon a recently released audio track with an accompanying video. Confusing? Well, the video’s title said “Official Audio” but no mention with regards to the video, although the video IS related to the audio track. The song in question is “Baby It’s Cold Outside” a cover by CeeLo Green with featured vocals by Christina Aguilera.

Now, there are two things about this audio-video that knocked me out: the voices and the accompanying video.

First, the cover of the song. I love it! It’s so 60s jazzy, so retro, and so rhythm and blues! And with such an engaging dialogue-type of song — penned and composed by Frank Loesser — it comes out as a sexy collaboration between the two The Voice (U.S.) mentors.

As to the voices, I do know Aguilera’s voice when I hear it. As always, she soars in this type of genre; it fits her voice well. It was CeeLo’s that I was surprised at: he sang in a low, sexy pitch! See, when someone mention’s CeeLo Green, the only sound that comes to mind is a high-pitched, mid-tempo vocal. I definitely wasn’t expecting this vocal to come out of CeeLo.

Now, the video: it’s not really significant but still worth watching. I do get the sexy ladies in swimwear relating to the lyrics of the song. To really point out the Christmas theme, Santa Clauses were put in to mix. It’s in black and white, by the way. I guess that was to camouflage the environment, which seemed sunny and would therefore be inappropriate visuals for the song’s Christmas theme.

Because the title did read “Official Audio” as mentioned earlier, I’m guessing a more appropriate music video will be released. Or not. Most Christmas tracks don’t get that much attention with regards to music videos, since promotion is limited only during the Yuletide season.

But this video is, nonetheless, great to look at. It’s in slow-motion and still, the actions are crisp and clear. I’m actually wondering how many frames per second are in the video: water droplets are clear, hair billows beautifully, etc. What an amazing video camera / video-editing software!

Hope you enjoyed this song as much as I did! Cheers! 😀

Published by

Recis Dempayos

Budding YouTuber / vlogger, occasional blogger, aspiring multimedia artist.

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