Third GBG-Baguio Meet-up at Azalea Residences

Last Saturday, I had the privilege of joining the third meet-up of the Google Business Group of Baguio City. Basically, the Google Business Group is a community of entrepreneurs and big businesses who have their structures either online or in concrete. However, the obvious thing in common among all of them is their utilization of Google+, mostly for establishing a network in their own industries and for online marketing.

The event was for only half a day but it did touch on two essential topics for online marketing: the role of social media for online advertising and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketing.

Social media and its potential in advertising was discussed by Vincent Tabor, the Community Manager of Google Business Group Baguio. The key point that I realized from him was that the use of social media for promotion entails a lot of creativity on how to utilize current opportunities and create new ones.

SEO marketing, on the other hand, was presented by Tof Salcedo, a Search Marketer and Digital Strategist. I learned a lot of neat tips on how to optimize your online presence through the use of targeted and specific keywords. Also, these keywords have set limits, for example, an optimum number of alphanumeric characters that Google’s crawlers or spiders discover. Thus, the choice of words can affect how web surfers discover your online presence. Ultimately, I realized that SEO also involves psychology, or a comprehensive understanding of your target market.

Am I speaking too technical for you? Don’t fret, I’ll be making some videos explaining some terms in world of online marketing in the “near future”. 🙂

For now, here are some photos I took during the event:

The food was absolutely scrumptious! 😀

The said event was held at Azalea Residences. It’s got a wonderful fountain structure to greet incoming guests. The lobby is modern and you can easily find your way around. But above all, the staff and crew were all very friendly and helpful. They had a way of making you feel welcome into their hotel. If you happen to stop by Baguio City and are looking for a place to stay, you may want to check out Azalea Residences. As a bonus, the hotel is conveniently located near notable Baguio tourist spots. They also have function halls for various activites, for those looking for venues for their special occasions and events.

You may want to check out my brief vlog on the event, plus some other things:

I’m definitely looking forward to the next meet-up! It’s a great opportunity to meet people in the online field and to learn more about this area in which we are headed.

Have a busy but healthy week! Cheers! 😀


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