Goals for Christmas 2012

Dear Recis,

The start of this week has been very hectic for you! Aside from all the Church activities you’ve gotten yourself into, you also did some shopping for Christmas decorations. And because you already have the decorations, you started putting them up last Friday. However, you’re nowhere near finished as of this writing. Aside from that, you’ve joined a meet-up last Saturday with online entrepreneurs for the Google Business Group — Baguio. Be sure to  blog about that tomorrow.

Getting back to Christmas, you’ve resolved to achieve two goals for this year. You’ve set some expectations in your blog post last Saturday, but for specificity, let’s clearly set out what your two goals for this Christmas are:

1. To be festive in spirit.

You’ve loved Christmas from the very first time you were introduced to it. You loved the wonder and awe it gave you back then. It was fun. Absolutely joyous! And it definitely brought a lite feeling every time you felt its spirit. But as the years went by, you slowly began to feel less and less of its spirit.

That “spirit” is what we aim to bring back this year. You want to feel what you felt back when you were a kid. Well … feel like a kid, but not remain as one. 😛 You want to feel the same wonder and awe that Christmas brings.

To help achieve this within yourself, you have to start with the environment you are in. That’s why you’re trying to go all out with Christmas decorating this year. If your home feels Christmas-sy, then it will definitely ignite the Christmas spirit within. Of course, the most important thing here is  still to help others in need, reach out to enemies, and bring joy to everyone as much as possible.

Which brings us to your second goal:

2. To spread holiday cheer.

This is going to be easy, at least for you. Smile as much as you can. Be your usual bubbly self that everyone recognizes in you. Cheer people up. Blog about Christmas. Vlog about it. Try to spread as much of your blessings as you can. You are a blessing to other people, be there for them. Help them understand the true meaning of Christmas. Only then and there will you truly achieve a meaning Christmas this year.

Hoping that you will be successful. Cheers! GOD bless!

The Spirit Within


I do hope to accomplish what I aim to achieve this year. How about you, dear reader? Any goals for Christmas this year? What are they?


Published by

Recis Dempayos

Budding YouTuber / vlogger, occasional blogger, aspiring multimedia artist.

2 thoughts on “Goals for Christmas 2012”

  1. I shall be conjuring up a “Fire Potion” this year! Hahaha! This will be the first Christmas that I’ll be away from my family. Twill be the first time too that I’ll be spending it “almost” alone — I’ve only two supah close friends who’ll be here in Malaysia, too. So I’m taking on a challenge to feel and spread warm and fuzzy feelings all around. 😀

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