December 2012 Expectations

It’s December! Ho! Ho! Ho!

I look forward to a busier month; far more busy than I was during the past 11 months.

I anticipate that I would be called-in for a job interview at a media company I applied for.

I plan to spread as much holiday cheer as I can through this blog, my vlog, and in my everyday life.

I want to be as merry and as festive as possible this month!

I do hope I would be able to complete this year’s Misa de Gallo masses (nine dawn masses).

I’ll be starting my New Year’s Resolutions NOW! 😀 Better to start them while I’m in a merry mood!

Cheers to everyone and hope you positively look forward to this month and the upcoming year! 🙂


Published by

Recis Dempayos

Budding YouTuber / vlogger, occasional blogger, aspiring multimedia artist.

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