Schedule: Agenda and Arranging

With the bulk of things that I do these days, I am amazed I am still able to post to this blog. Granted, I haven’t still been able to update my photo blog, but I’m on it. Aside from this daily blog, I have four other weekly blogs. I know, I should cut down on my blogs and fuse some of them together, but well … I just feel that it’s better to blog about things according to their own niche. It’s my fault for being interested in A LOT of things! 😛

Aside from the aforementioned blogs, I also have a weekly YouTube channel. I also engage in social networking and learning about social network promotion. As if my online life wasn’t enough, I also read up on blogs that I follow. Yup, if you have a blog, chances are, I’m subscribed to yours; only, I don’t comment a lot. I know it contradicts social networking promotion, but I just can’t find the motivation to stop for a moment and post a comment with all the things I’m thinking I have to do.

And now, I have classes today. It’s actually the first day of classes for us who are enrolled in a Master’s program. Thankfully, it’s in an open university structure, so we meet only once a month. All assignments and other paperwork are submitted through email or through Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) software.

Going back to this post’s title, how do I manage to publish posts for my different blogs barring the hideous amount of activities I do everyday?

Post scheduler on

Basically, I write a lot of posts in one sitting and schedule them to be published on a set day in the future and a set time for that particular day. Take note that before you schedule posts to be published in the future, it’s imperative to set your blog’s timezone at “Settings > General > Timezone”. For the Philippines, the timezone is UTC+8.

I usually schedule posts a maximum of one week in advance. If there’s a day with an event that I feel I have to blog about, I just publish it aside from the post scheduled for that particular day. Thank goodness, has this neat feature. Thanks,! 😀

Speaking of schedules, I’ve just noticed that the term, “schedule” is not just a noun these days; it also functions as a verb, referring to the scheduling of blog posts. Just an observation. 😛




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