Starting New Year’s Resolutions NOW

One of the blogs that I follow promoted via Twitter a post that was published last year regarding New Year’s Resolutions. Based on the blog author’s experience, the best time to commit to a certain decision or life-changing resolution is during December; instead of the usual period, which is in the beginning of January. Accordingly, the festive atmosphere of December is conducive to starting and sticking to a New Year’s resolution.

Now, wouldn’t you think that’s a GREAT idea? Why didn’t I think of that in the first place? All the times I’ve started out New Year’s resolutions in January, wherein some of them never reached their goals, and here is a solid suggestion that it’s better to start them out in December.

Actually, I’ve stopped doing New Year’s resolutions ’cause I don’t accomplish them anyway. I would usually start out every January, full of zest and determination to instill positive change within myself. This goes on until about the end of the first quarter. By the second quarter, I would have made compromises with my resolve that, in a way, beats the purpose of the New Year’s resolution I’ve started out in the first place. By the middle of the year, I would have forgotten that I’ve made a New Year’s resolution and I am at the point where I should NOT be, with regards to the resolve I’ve made earlier in the year.

But thinking of starting out a New Year’s resolution in December just might work for me. Going through the initial process in December will keep me busy (since I’d be doing other things), and it would sort of fall into a routine. By January, I would feel renewed (in accordance to the New Year) and would definitely continue with my resolutions. By then, I would feel guilty if I would stop or forget my resolves, considering I started implementing them earlier. This would give me even more motivation to stick to my solutions. Yeah … it just might work. 🙂

The problem now is, what is my New Year’s resolution going to be?

I started out with fat-loss about four years ago and I’m still at it, thank goodness! I’m seldom late for appointments. I accomplish most tasks before deadlines. I do volunteer work. I’m not formally employed since I’m going to school, but I do try to save money.

Any suggestions? 😛

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Recis Dempayos

Budding YouTuber / vlogger, occasional blogger, aspiring multimedia artist.

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