Les Misérables (Movie Musical) Comes “Christmas Day”

I’ve seen Les Misérables: The Dream Cast in Concert on VCD. I’ve downloaded some of the songs, those that I really like. I’ve learned these same songs. I’ve gone over the characters of the musical/novel. I’ve had favorites from these characters. I’ve seen the movie version (non-musical) as well.

After all the Les Miz content I’ve seen, it never crossed my mind that a movie-musical version would be released. There’s a movie already, which fills in for cinematic consumption. For live theater, one could simply go see any theatrical adaptation being offered out there. But here it is, they really made a movie-musical version. From the looks of the trailer, it will come out magnificently:

And then we have these:

I didn’t know that Amanda Seyfried was cast as Cosette! She’s one of my Hollywood crushes and I’m definitely going to watch this! But what really intrigued me was Anne Hathaway as Fantine. I can’t wait to hear her version of “I Dreamed a Dream”. Those are definitely big shoes to fill in!

Hope this film will turn out well.


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3 thoughts on “Les Misérables (Movie Musical) Comes “Christmas Day””

  1. I am so excited for this movie, too! Anne has grown a whole lot since “The Princess Diaries” and it’s hard to think that Amanda was a “Mean Girl” in Disney before. 😀 Got to get myself a copy of the book then, to prep up. I haven’t really read it yet. (Gawrsh, I’m so lame.)

    1. Weh!

      Naka ilang comments ka na sa blog ko, habang ako, di nakakapag-comment sa blog mo. I’m lame as well. 😛 Busy lang teh.

      Yeah, I think I’ll watch the anniversary concert again and the movie released sometime in the 1990s. Gotta get prepared.

      Cheers! And thanks for the comments! 😀

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