“Just a Fool” Duet by Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton

I’ve been searching the Internet for a particular sound to satisfy my audio cravings. I specifically wanted something pop, something mainstream. I’ve listened to a lot of indie and classical already that I wanted to delve into something I haven’t heard for some time now.

Which brings us to Christina Aguilera who’s releasing her new album, Lotus in a few days. This is the only album from a mainstream artist that I see as of now. Other singers either have seemed to lie low or are not heavily advertising their next albums.

Anyway, Aguilera recently headed an album preview which was upload to YouTube. She preview some of the songs off of the album, including her collaborations with fellow The Voice judges, Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton.

I haven’t listened to her and Cee Lo’s duet yet. Instead, I went directly with the song she had a duet with with Shelton:

Okay, first off: I listen to country music and I admire Shelton’s work, no questions with that. I also admire Aguilera’s records. But for her to do country? Actually, I’ve seen her sang a few lines from Shelton’s song, Hillbilly Bone in true country-esque style. So to hear her doing a full country-pop crossover song really intrigued me.

Granted, there were some singers before who sang country. I remember Beyoncé did a country version of her hit, “Irreplaceable” with Sugarland. Then, we have Taylor Swift who does country-mainstream pop songs. She also had duets with pop/rock artists like Ed Sheeran and Boys for Girls.

Still, I have to say this for Aguilera singing country-style: Amazing! Her voice just blends to any musical genre. She can definitely sing anything!


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