“The kitten is missing!”

My white (not yet named) kitten.

So yesterday morning, upon returning immediately from taebo class, my mom greeted me at the door by saying that our white kitten was missing. It didn’t join its mother and elder brother for breakfast. Normally, a pet owner would panic at hearing this bit of news. Not me. I just shrugged and said, “It’s probably somewhere out there.”

While cooking breakfast, I looked around for a while outside, searching for a clue as to where the kitten might have gone to. In the past, I found dead corpses of kittens bitten at their necks, a spot with nothing but dried blood (no organs or skin), and a load of shit inside a box. Nothing like those manifested.

I calmly went back in the house and ate. After my meal, I went back out and saw the said missing kitten, eating what was left of their breakfast at the cats’ plate. I reported this to my mom. (“I told you so!”)

She then drafted a theory that maybe the kitten was out in “the wild” for some time, waiting and hunting for a rat. I said that maybe she overslept and just thought of waking up now. She argued that cats don’t sleep at night. I replied that the mother cat of the house did sleep at night.

It wasn’t an argument; just an exchange of ideas. But I couldn’t stop thinking about the “waiting and hunting in the wild” bit. Why did this particular kitten have to go out to the garden or to the nearby woods to hunt around for a rat? I mean, it was still a kitten! Of course, it’ll grow up to be a hunter, but at this stage, what abilities for rat-hunting has it developed? Heck, it couldn’t even catch a cockroach or lizard, unlike its elder brother. But yeah, I couldn’t stop thinking about it wanting to hunt a rat.

I read before that cats hunt rats because it’s instinct and because they are carnivorous, specially to rat-meat. Additionally, for domesticated cats, they also hunt rats and leave them on their master’s floor mat or door as a gift. Apparently, they know how to acknowledge kindness given to them.

And this got me thinking, maybe it wanted to hunt a rat for me but wasn’t able to find one. Why for me? Because the night before, I spent a lot of time playing with the kitten, scratching its neck, and petting it. Maybe as a sign of gratitude, it wanted to present me with a dead rat. O.o

I’m sorry it wasn’t able to find what it was looking for (if indeed, it was “hunting out in the wild”). I appreciate the effort, but I’ll pass.


Published by

Recis Dempayos

Budding YouTuber / vlogger, occasional blogger, aspiring multimedia artist.

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