Photoblog Fail

My 366 photos project, Recis 2012 [Project 366 Shots].

In the first days of January this year, I started my own photoblog. It wasn’t an ordinary photoblog; it was, actually, an attempt at a popular photo blogging project: Project 365.

Project 365 (or in the case of my photoblog, Project 366 since this year is a leap year) is a photo blogging project wherein a blogger posts one photo day for one year. Photos can be just about anything. A high-end camera (DSLR) isn’t even needed. All that’s required is one photo taken by the blogger and uploaded to his/her blog for every day of the year.

Now, during the first two quarters, everything went along smoothly. I was able to keep to a weekly posting schedule. I intended to post on a weekly basis instead of everyday because it was more attainable that way. There were times when I even scheduled the publishing of my posts one week in advance. I was that enthusiastic with the project!

Then came the third quarter of the year. Suddenly, I found myself busy with school work, volunteer work, and an online job. I didn’t have time to take pictures and to upload them! Eventually, I missed a week. Then another. Three weeks have passed. A month! Right now, I have missed posting for more than two months already! The stats have gone to zero, meaning no views since I neglected posting. No new followers turned up. And at this moment, I have stressed myself just thinking of how long I have neglected my photoblog.

Somehow, before the year ends, I just have to cover all the weeks / days that I missed …

Which brings me to a conclusion: A Project 365 photoblog is not for everyone. Definitely! People who have a lot to do in real life cannot commit to the demands of this project on cyberspace. People who can do this are those who aren’t on a job, have at least half a day off everyday, or are just plain bums and are bored. Examples: housewives, students, part-time employees, new graduates. 😀

How about you? Do you think you can live up to the challenge of a 365 photos project?



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Recis Dempayos

Budding YouTuber / vlogger, occasional blogger, aspiring multimedia artist.

3 thoughts on “Photoblog Fail”

  1. I was able to commit to the project as an MIT student. Whew. Missed some days, but I was able to finish it! But when my thesis year came around, I just uploaded on a monthly basis. And when I started working full time — well, I can’t upload different angles of my computer and keyboard for 356/366 days now, can’t I? Hahaha. I am trying to write more regularly though (speaking of doing things on a regular basis). But yeah, the project isn’t for everyone. 😀

    1. Hi Mari!

      Ha! Ha! I know, right? There are other more important things to do! And yeah, I’m with you on the “write more regularly” bit; hopefully, we stick to this. When the year ends (if I finish the project or not), I’ll start another photoblog, but something different from 365. 😀


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