Adivay 2012 is On the Way

This, for me, is a sign that the Adivay 2012 is just around the corner:

An indication of the upcoming Adivay 2012.

“Adivay” is a generalized term in our locality’s dialects which means, “getting together to celebrate”. It’s basically an agricultural and a cultural festival celebrated every November. It lasts usually for three weeks, beginning on the first week of November. It’s also a way for our province (and its 13 municipalities) to showcase our customs and ways of life.

For this year, Adivay 2012 will begin on the 8th of November (Thursday), as shown in the calendar of activities. The starting activities (but not the opening ceremony for the trade fair) would be an ecumenical service and a kapihan (coffee break).

Me and my friends look forward to the trade fairs, although they present nothing new every year (Boring!) Still, we go to these fairs for the food items, such as shawarma, shakes, and large burgers and hotdogs. The trade fair is actually the highlight of Adivay; lots of people flock during its opening. There will also be a pageant (Mr. and Miss Benguet), although I’m not really interested in such. I also look forward to the parade, which in our terms, is a simple showcase of individuals in traditional/cultural attire representing their respective municipalities and government offices. It’s not as grand as all other parades but is still a nice thing to see. I believe this would be happening on the 17th, which is too bad for me since I will be doing some volunteer work at church. Oh well. The civic parade will be on the 23th, which means, I can get to see it! 😀 Also, the booths shown in the photo were actually stalls for flower merchants who sold their merchandise on the 1st and 2nd of November. Currently, there are no stalls in the parking area of the Km. 5 Public Market as insinuated. If the schedule is to be followed, the 17th would also be the opening of the trade fair.

Here’s a screenshot of the Adivay 2012 calendar of activities. You may also visit the website of the Province of Benguet.

Adivay 2012 Calendar of Activities Screenshot (click to enlarge)



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3 thoughts on “Adivay 2012 is On the Way”

    1. Hi Mari!

      It’s become a readily available food item here in La Trinidad. You should stock up on all the shawarma you want to eat if ever you get home. 😀 How’re you doing?


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