The Closing of the Heart

I believe that in every guy’s life, there comes a time when he decides to close his heart. Primarily, the purpose of such is to shun out feelings or the ability to feel. But how can one do this when feelings stem from within, which will eventually affect that which was sealed. It totally beats the purpose. It’s more probable to seal the outside world from one’s heart. But just how do you seal a heart so it wouldn’t feel the emotions it rouses? You make a sealed chamber within your heart where you put all emotions? Which part of the heart is the main component for feeling, anyway? If we know this, then it would be easy to separate which from which.

Of course, this is not possible in the literal sense. In terms of human anatomy, if we were to “close a heart”, we would target the brain, specifically the amygdala. It is considered as the seat of emotions. “To close a heart”, we decide to take out the amygdala, which coordinates emotions and physical reactions. In that way, the rest of the brain wouldn’t react to various emotions. It may be more effective to also take out the hypothalamus and the thalamus, but then again, our body’s functioning would not be optimal.

On a different perspective, closing a heart is obviously a tall order to carry out. Everyday, we are constantly exposed to various situations and experiences. One emotion can lead to another. It can trigger memories and the emotions that accompany it, negative or positive.

For guys, the foremost negative emotion we don’t want to experience is rejection and disappointment—those two, at the same time. They don’t have to occur simultaneously. Actually, one can be a catalyst to experience the other. But undeniably, those two stick to together.

We always say that it’s the negative emotions that we don’t want to experience. Yes, but not exactly in everyone’s case. There are those who have set priorities for themselves, the focus of which is on their professional lives. Career, self-fulfillment, and the actualization of goals that should be achieved. They vow to keep their focus on these and not be swayed by “emotions”. For most, they are actually tired of feeling emotions. To compensate, they focus on things that they are more likely to attain.

Closing a heart happens when one finally perceives that reveries usually don’t materialize. Apparently, reality always wins. They then see that all that time spent contemplating was a waste of time. Most of all, it was a total waste of amygdala activity. It shouldn’t have been nurtured from the start, since all that was ever experienced were undesirable.

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Recis Dempayos

Budding YouTuber / vlogger, occasional blogger, aspiring multimedia artist.

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