Object Lesson II

Love responsibly. Do not get into a relationship if you aren’t capable of understanding and controlling the emotions of love. Do not be deceived by common love songs that “love is uncontrollable” and that “you can’t fight those (these) feelings.” Remember that controlling or mastering oneself, including his feelings, is one of life’s greatest achievements. Life is not about having a girlfriend or a wife; rather, it’s a bonus of living, but not the exact core of it.

For guys, do not play with girl’s hearts and bodies out of infatuation and lust. For girls, do not trap yourselves into fairy tales and self-centeredness.

Love professionally. Being in courtship is not a game, a fling, a means of sexual satisfaction, and all others modern society has led it to be. It is a season of discovering a couple’s compatibility without overall disrespect and compromising one’s emotional state. Intimacy is out of the question. Instead, finding out if a couple is marriable to one another should be the main focus. By excluding intimacy, if determined that incompatibility is imminent, breaking up will not be difficult and both parties can still remain as friends.

Don’t give away pieces of your heart, only to go through numerous break-ups and have nothing left for yourself. Don’t be stupid and give in to your feelings—think through and understand your emotions before deciding on the right course of action.


Published by

Recis Dempayos

Budding YouTuber / vlogger, occasional blogger, aspiring multimedia artist.

6 thoughts on “Object Lesson II”

    1. Hey Mari!

      I’m glad you agree. And thanks very much for sharing that link to Don Miller’s blog: I was taken back by the reactions to his post. Oh well. Modern society nga naman.

      And yeah, he’s a cool author!


        1. Thanks,

          The “right” morals, to be precise. 😀

          Ha! Ha! I’ll invite everyone to my wedding. Which will be a very indefinite long wait from now. Nyahaha!!


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