Appreciating the Igorota

I feel fortunate to be born in a region full of beautiful ladies. Every morning, I see them on public utility jitneys, clean and in proper sexy clothing. I pass sidewalks and witness their naturally light skin glowing against the morning sun. When the wind blows, their black to brunette hair—be it cropped short, short, medium, or long—billows rhythmically. Their black to dark brown eyes sparkle when they smile. And I’m sure every guy would melt once they get a glance of that genuine smile of the Igorota.

What more can one ask for when he lives in a place of overflowing loveliness of girls? But beauty does not last, as they say. Thankfully, the damsels of the Igorot highlands harbor such splendor not only skin-deep, but also within their souls.

Enduring Qualities

An Igorota facing ethical turmoil, does not easily give in to the depressing spot of such circumstance. Instead, she would pause, reflect, come up with options, and decide what the right choice is. Sure, most of us would do the same, but you can’t see it done more often in a single place than anywhere. This observation is amazing because often, an Igorota comes up with smart choices that guys wouldn’t have thought of first. This isn’t a sexist remark, of course: It should act either as a challenge, or a factual appreciation for us guys instead.

The no-nonsense attitude of the Igorota is just one of the many splendors of their soul. Another would be their boldness. I’ve noticed that here in the Philippines, most ladies who grew up in the lowlands—the urban areas to be precise—are very picky and fastidious compared to their highland counterparts. And I find it a huge turn-off. As in really HUGE, that I won’t even consider courting such childish women. That’s why I really feel blessed to be here in the Cordillera Administrative Region. Majority of the ladies here can live in the most trying conditions, which is not to say that they prefer such state. They can also adjust to the most extravagant lifestyle, but the good thing is, they will still look back or seek for the simple or organic things that they once enjoyed.

Still another trait I love about the Igorota is their being down-to-earth when a guy tries to confess his romantic feelings. She may have a straightforward and fearless approach to life, but when it comes to personal and delicate conversation, she transforms into a flower so feminine that you can’t help but be endeared to her.

Pure beauty and radiance. A no-nonsense attitude. Fearlessness. Femininity. These are just some of the enduring qualities of an Igorota.

They Can’t Hold You Down

It cannot be denied that ladies will have insecurities, even for the Igorota. Every time I go out for my morning jog, I see them jogging and sweating out to attain a figure they long to have. While I admire their dedication, I wish they would realize that guys see them as already fit and don’t really need to strain too much to sculpt their bodies. Yes, guys prefer sexy BUT with ample flesh! We don’t want girls who will seemingly break to pieces when we get on top of them! Besides, seeing a skimpy underwear model with obvious ribs and depressed skin kills our libido.

It’s a fact that Igorots have wide hips and big legs. But that ain’t a problem, actually; these should never be considered as blemishes. These physicalities make our bodies proportionate and sturdy. We have more balance and control of movement. Moreover, we are more able athletes and can be flexible for any kind of sport. These physicalities should be the identities that we should be proud to possess.

I do hope that the Igorota won’t base their figure and subsequently, their self-esteem, on what the media shoves into people’s brains as “attractive.” They may not realize that they are far more attractive and capable than some undernourished liar shown on the media. The Igorota should never let her inner peace and integrity be disrupted. It is the sureness of herself that makes her stand out.


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Recis Dempayos

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