Amy Winehouse, 27

amy-winehouseI was deeply shocked upon reading that she was found dead at her home. I couldn’t believe it! After reading all the Tweets, I did a Google search and there, it sinked in. She really is gone.

It’s so sad that she’s gone—after the hype with her Back to Black album. I was actually expecting another record release, something that would be on par with her last. She truly is a musical genius. That is reflected in the tracks she recorded, the lyrics she wrote, and the arrangements she and others have come up with. I was expecting more music, more of her work. I definitely admire what she has accomplished artistically.

What I’m not a fan of, is her troubled life. Why did she have to go through such? Substance abuse, health problems, legalities, troubled relationships, UGH!

It’s a common observation that gifted artists go through a certain darkness in their lives. Why? A loose foundation. Non-acceptance or non-acknowledgment of life’s negativity. The downside of being in the entertainment industry.

“That” industry will break a person and if one is not strong enough, he will lose himself.

So sad, so disappointed.

Our sympathies to the bereaved: May GOD help you get through this difficult time in your lives.

Amy, may you rest in peace. May you finally attain it. Thank you for the music. Thank you for instigating a passion for near-perfect artistic, musical attainment. GOD bless you.

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2 thoughts on “Amy Winehouse, 27”

  1. I am not actually a fan of her. But i’ve heard her music and saw some of her music videos. One of the popular is the Rehab which is the only song that i know of her’s.

    Though, she gives me an original music, her music speaks of her. Amy Winehouse music. When i heard the news about her death i was also shocked, because of all, she’s found dead…:(

    *Thanks for the comment anyway (from my blog) *

    1. Hi stevevhan!

      It really is a shock to hear of her dying at such a young age. However, I believe that was the path being lead to with her dependence on dangerous substances. I do hope this would serve as a warning for all others who are abusing themselves with unnecessary drugs and alcohol, and are surrounding themselves with the wrong people.

      Thanks very much for visiting my blog! You’re welcome here!


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