The Porcupine’s Kisses by Stephen Dobyns (with Illustrations by Howie Michels)

the-porcupine's-kisses-by-stephen-dobyns-with-illustrations-by-howie-michelsDefinitely inspiring and the best poetry album I have come across!

Then again, that might be a false generalization since this is just the first poetry and prose-poems book that I have ever purchased. I saw it once in a book sale in 2009 for PhP99.00 and thought, “What the heck! Let’s try it out!”

The Words

I describe this book as inspiring because of the combined perfectionist and dynamic approach applied by Stephen Dobyns in its assembly. There are verses on every left page, and prose-poems on every right. Illustrations are found on selected pages to emphasize something already vivid. Finally, on the last 70 pages, we decipher the author’s philosophical definition of everyday terms. Every reader of this book is in for a vibrant literary ride!

Another aspect that makes this book attractive is the creative use of words. Never before have I ever seen sentences, verses, and/or phrases so short, yet accurately nailing the very thought desired to be said. Because of this manner, less than a single page is needed to convey every different story—herein lies stories and life lessons in bulk!

The Illustrations

Of course, the illustrations are superb! Those who haven’t seen what I describe as “dark drawings” may find the illustrations weird and ugly. However, they actually complement the words of Dobyns and thus, come out as very sophisticated. Some diagrams have dark, heavy doodles and detailed outlines, which pretty much account for the gloomy atmosphere of its pages. Others are mere caricatures but are still able to hold their ground. This is another inspiring feature in this book: You can make simple caricatures stand out if you do them right and clean.

Simply Addicting!

I can’t put this book down! Sure, I’ve read everything in it, but I feel I just have to go through it over and again until I get tired of it. Which, I believe, would take a whole lot of time. Just reading it ignites the poet in me!

Now, I’ll start jotting down every literary thought that comes to mind . . .


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