Browser-Hunting Mode

web-browsersWhen I was first introduced to the Internet, my very first web browsing experience was of course, through Microsoft Internet Explorer. It was pretty standard back then in Internet cafés, especially here in the Philippines, where Windows was the dominant OS software for PCs.

In time, I was introduced to another web browser, Netscape. It was clean and very user-friendly—I actually consider it the “Firefox of back then.”

All through the years, I slowly gave up on Microsoft Internet Explorer and developed a preference for Mozilla Firefox. I don’t know what attracts a person to a certain web browser but I really felt comfortable on Firefox compared to Internet Explorer.

But now, I grow more and more displeased at Mozilla’s new releases of Firefox. Stability issues have become frequent. Lagging may occur at times. Worse is when Firefox crashes while I’m in the middle of doing something online. These experiences have prompted me to look for another quality and reliable web browser.

Opera and Apple Safari

I dig Opera: It’s a humble browser that gives value to their users. It’s actually lighting fast, but that’s where it’s weakness lies. You see, Opera has the tendency to optimize images on webpages so they would load faster. This would result in a blurry or sometimes pixellated webpage. This may be okay for other people, but I’m really inclined towards crisp visuals on webpages.

Safari, on the other hand, is also a good browser but I just have some personal issues with Apple products so I might not really consider this one. 😀 That is unless I’m left with no choice. Nyahahaha!

Google Chrome, Flock, and RockMelt

It’s got Angry Birds!

I’m trying out Google Chrome. Sure, it may have similar features and problems like that of Firefox (Mozilla is now under Google, Inc.) but so far, things have been smooth. There was one time when the top bar on my Facebook homepage was jumbled while viewing it on Chrome, but clearing the cache fixed that problem. I like that way it downloads files, although not much usability on its DL manager. I specifically love the clean and minimalist look, although themes are available to spice it up when I feel like it. And the biggest selling point for me are its applications/apps! I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that there’s an Angry Birds app on the Google Chrome Web Store. I could even play this addicting game offline! Cool! Definitely a key reason for me to shift from Firefox to Chrome.

Now, I’ve heard of social media web browsers before, and was recently interested to try the one under Mozilla: Flock. Imagine my disappointment when, upon arriving at its website, I discovered that support for said web browser has been discontinued! Defunct! Kaput! Which really made me wonder why since as far as I could remember, this web browser was highly acclaimed at its release. Developers of flock stated on the website that users are recommended to switch to either Firefox or Chrome. *sigh!* Too bad!

RockMelt-logoSo now, I’m experimenting with another social media web browser called RockMelt. Like Flock, it’s based on WebKit, an open-source layout engine. But unlike Flock, RockMelt has limited coverage on social networking services, actually, two in particular: Facebook and Twitter. It’s really limiting, but at least it covers the two major social networking sites. Here’s to hoping that integration with YouTube, MySpace, LinkedIn, Gmail, Yahoo!, and would be available as soon as possible.


Aside from those mentioned above, I’m curious as to what other web browsers my readers use. Leave your recommendations or suggestions in the comments section.


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Recis Dempayos

Budding YouTuber / vlogger, occasional blogger, aspiring multimedia artist.

4 thoughts on “Browser-Hunting Mode”

    1. Yes,

      I also like the way web pages are presented on Google Chrome. At first, I wasn’t used to the interface, but I learned to appreciate its minimalist design over time.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts as well!


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