LSS Week

It’s been one hell of an LSS for me! Here are those two songs that just can’t seem to get out of my head:

I Wanna Grow Old With You by Westlife (from the album, World of Our Own)

The reason why I can’t forget this song is because an uptempo version of it had been regularly playing in the TaeBo class I attend every early morning.

A fresh mind + audiophile tendencies + constant radio play = LSS with said song. To make things worse, this song reminds me of a bittersweet, recent memory.

I hate-love this feeling! But looks like be stuck with this for some time until I can get hold of myself and clearly think through.

Marry Your Daughter by Brian McKnight, Jr. and Nico McKnight

Here’s a song that I’m sure not many people know of. It’s by (the soul man!) Brian Mcknight’s sons: Brian, Jr. and Nico. These musicians have come up with a sweet and enticing song that every guy will want to hear over and over when it boils down to that moment just before she says, “Yes!”

I believe this song created a buzz on the Internet last year. If only it gained enough radio-play, it would’ve been a hit, especially for us Filipinos who are described as “romantics” and have a preference for ballads.


Hope y’all will also enjoy listening to these two songs as much as I did. Hopefully, you guys won’t be drawn into a serious case of Last Song Syndrome with these two, unlike me. 😀


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Recis Dempayos

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6 thoughts on “LSS Week”

  1. this is ok for a last song syndrome. wag lang yung sinu-suffer ko ngayon na jovit baldovino’s too much love can keeeelll yooouuuuuu.

    i swear i wanna keeeeel! :))

    1. Hey Iya!

      Nyahahaha!! Masama nga yang LSS na yan! A potent trigger for deadly destruction!? Heh! Heh!

      Hope you get well soon! 😀

  2. My teen brother also liked the “Marry Your Daughter” song (grabe, marunong nang manligaw! Uunahan pa ata ako. haha). He had me listen to it during my last visit. I also let him listen to my new favorite songs in return. : ]

    1. Aw,

      I bet seeing your little brother fall in love gives you a “light and giddy” feeling. I’m envious! Eh di, manligaw ka na rin! Heh! Heh!

      Curious as to what songs you shared . . .


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