Uncertainty of Life

It hit me one of these days. Years have passed and it comes only now. No matter how much you plan, how determined you are, and/or how you’ve built yourself up to be continually motivated, life will always have surprises. Both the good and the bad. No problem with the good; it’s the bad that really knocks you out. Like huge ocean waves crushing you against solid rock. Many times, aspirations/dreams/goals have been killed before they could even breathe. It’s all part of life’s uncertainty.

Which, of course, does not indicate that we give up. We continue to plan, we survive one day, and the next, and so forth; we go on living. Why? Pointless as it may be, the longing for the accomplishment of such aspirations/dreams/goals ignites the flame to live. To survive one day, and the next, and so forth. To stick to our plans and adapt it to life ever-changing. This longing, more fittingly referred to as struggling (the struggle), teaches us all that we should know so we will be ready and fully enjoy, when the time comes, breathing our destinies.

Recis Dempayos

Tonight, more than ever,
Your life begins.
You will aim for excellence:
Near-perfection of character.
By this, you open a path
Straightforward to trails
You so long to cross.

In time, all the visions
Achieve actualization;
Passing from fantasy
Into their own reality.
And may they be set steady
On The Foundation
That they never will crumble.

Moving forward,
Never be dissuaded
By this world’s negativity,
Whatever form it takes.
Fight back.
Make it inferior to you.
Never back down.

For no matter what,
Always remember:
Your promise to yourself;
Struggles and disappointments;
Each fall and eventual rise;
And the fire that makes you thrive—
The life you will to die for.


Published by

Recis Dempayos

Budding YouTuber / vlogger, occasional blogger, aspiring multimedia artist.

4 thoughts on “Uncertainty of Life”

    1. Hi PP!

      Thanks very much! Speaking definitely delivers the clearest and intended message of what one writes. Vlog? Eh-he-he!! Baby steps. Must perfect speaking before integrating facial expression.


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