Seeing the Dark of the Moon

transformers-dark-of-the-moon-Rosie Huntington-WhiteleFinally, the Transformers movie franchise has ended. The final nail to the trilogy has landed and fans of the mechanical beings rejoiced! It was fun (chase and fight scenes), mind-blowing (special effects), and exhilarating (because it finally brought an end to everything).

Now I understand that movie critics and enlightened movie-goers frown on this movie franchise. I accept their point of view. The three movies had weak storylines. Character development was weak as well, at times, even nonexistent. Accordingly, bad acting. Pointless robot-fighting and action scenes thus, a waste of animation and special effects technology. Heck, even director Michael Bay said that the second movie was “crap.”

Dark of the Moon: The Experience [SPOILER ALERT!]

I thought that the opening scenes (referring to the secrets of the Apollo 11 mission) was unintelligently fast-tracked. It was pretty obvious that this wasn’t well-thought of and so, the same may be said for the rest of the film.

They killed off Ironhide in this installment! Grr!! If they would kill off Bumblebee, I will definitely hate this movie!

We see Optimus Prime, the Autobot leader, and feel reassured that this movie would somehow deliver. A little revelation, some fight scenes, another revelation, and . . .

Suddenly, we see Rosie Huntington-Whiteley‘s rear for a certain time period and we go “Ohh-la-la!!” The supposed “replacement” for Megan Fox turns out to be one hot chick. With the sensuality that she exudes and that damn body, she becomes the girlfriend that guys would die to have.

Then we see Shia LaBeouf. We are shocked for a while because we actually forgot that he is the movie’s protagonist. We scan our brains for his role in the movie, what he did in the last two installments, and his significance in the Transformers universe. For some reason, we become disappointed.

From there, the action gains momentum. However, with every development, things get ugly.


Things Get Ugly

Halfway through the movie, I become restless. It’s like I want to fast-forward and just scan the movie scenes to put an end to all this. It just seems too much; I’m not enjoying it anymore! In the last fight sequences, I actually looked at my time just to see how much more would I need to endure. When I saw that it was just only a few minutes more, I felt relieved.

After ingesting a lot of mechanical machines, robot brawls, cheesy lines, noise, and ugly metal, I resolved to forget everything.


For the first time, I now feel cheated by wasting money on a pointless story that was cherished in my childhood. I feel like it wasn’t given justice. The Autobots had emotions, they cared for freedom, for peace, for things that beautify this world. But what did I see in this movie franchise? Badass fighters who weren’t given the chance to develop on the big screen who they really were.

I’m still thankful that they finally brought everything to an end. The special effects accentuated the nature of having robots in the story. And it was fun to look at. If ever someone would choose to revive this franchise, I just hope that it would be FAR MORE substantial than what we went through.

Also, I did enjoy eyeing Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Loved her lips, her English accent, her eyes, and her legs! ^^

And another consolation, for ladies out there who are die-hard fans of Patrick Dempsey, they will definitely LOVE him even more after seeing this movie. Nyahaha!!

Farewell, to the Autobots!

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9 thoughts on “Seeing the Dark of the Moon”

  1. I enjoyed Transformers 3. Tawa ako ng tawa sa mga kakornihan. Pero nabwiset talaga ako dun sa pagkatagal-tagal silan nag-i-slide off the building. At kaloka lang na naconvince ni new girl si Megatron. Close sila? LOL

    1. Hi Iya!

      At kaloka lang na naconvince ni new girl si Megatron. Close sila? LOL

      Oo nga eh. Nyahaha!! Pwede bang i-apply ang Psychology sa ganung circumstance? 😀

  2. I don’t have any plans of watching Transformers (ever) so I read it anyway. Transformers movie didn’t appeal to me once, though I used to watch the animated series when I was a kid.

    1. Hey dude!

      I think I can understand why the Transformers series ain’t appealing to other people. What with all the pointless metal crashing and loud noise. Assuredly, there are other, more sensible movies out there that are worthy of interest.


    1. Thanks brod!

      Damn talaga nung nakita ko si Rosie. Ayos lang na pamalit kay Megan. ^^ Saw Temptation Island already? Di pa showing dito eh.


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