Jaguar + Tiger = Jagger

Amidst all the songs coming out lately, I haven’t found one that I would consider my “new favorite anthem.” There’s just too much auto-tuned, metallic tracks being played that my ears are beginning to rust.

Thankfully, one of my favorite bands, Maroon Five, thought of featuring Christina Aguilera (another one of my favorites) on their new song: Moves Like Jagger. I have to say,

Maroon Five + Christina Aguilera = Naughty and Fun but still Sophisticated

I love it! Definitely me new favorite song for the second half of the year! I just wished Aguilera had more parts on the song. They could also have made the song a little longer; I just love the lazy whistling all throughout, and those riffs on the final “jagger” in the chorus.

It may sound a little electronica, but it still retains that Maroon Five vibe (thanks to Adam Levine’s unique voice timbre). And by adding Christina Aguilera, it went on to have a sexy sound. The song was performed live on The Voice, a reality singing show where Levine and Aguilera are resident coaches.


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11 thoughts on “Jaguar + Tiger = Jagger”

    1. Welcome, Ayla!

      I also crave for Dirrty Girl XTina. Wish she would tone down the celebrity complex. Maroon 5 is still okay for me.

      Thanks for visiting my blog site!

    1. Hey Midnight Orgasm!

      Believe me, I am also on the lookout for undistinguished local musicians and performers. I don’t know why it’s these types of artists who make more substantial music, as compared to their more popular, celebrity-status counterparts. I’ll do try to check out those two bands you have on your list, thanks very much! 😀

      I’m just thankful that the artists mentioned in the post came up with a collaboration.

      Thanks, by the way, for dropping by!

        1. Hey again!

          I do believe one’s musical tastes “mature” as they get older. Contemporary music (which usually has no substance) suddenly become uninteresting and one starts to listen to others’ music in a different perspective.

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