My 24th Birthday . . .

. . . is just right. It ain’t spectacular, but it ain’t bad either. I woke up at 4:00AM and saw a lunar eclipse—characterized by a bloody-red moon—and thought that this may be nature’s way of sending her greeting. I checked my Facebook profile and voila! . . . birthday greetings started coming in! I ate a little breakfast, went out to jog around my hometown, and then joined a Tae Bo class at my university. I went home immediately afterward, and opened my Facebook account again. More greetings! Commented, liked, and thanked the people who remembered; more accurately, those who saw Facebook’s birthday notification and took the time to go to my wall to greet me. 😀


Now, I’m fixing the house and cooking some lunch and afternoon snacks both at the same time. Mom will want my chicken alfredo pasta recipe for lunch. And I think(!) I’ll have visitors this afternoon so I ‘gotta make baked macaroni. Still thinking of other easy-to-cook dishes since they might come as a battalion. 😀

My overall mood is lite and relaxed. I’m sooo lovin’ it!


prayboyMy Cor Unum family, my posse, have all gone safely home. They came past 3:00PM with donuts and ice cream. Combined with the Baked Macaroni and Chicken Alfredo Pasta that I cooked, we had a feast! We did our usual past-time: Telling stories, updating each other on everyone’s lives, and talking about recent events. After a few minutes, my Angels gave me a gift: A yellow shirt with the Playboy logo and the inscription, “Prayboy,” which is a play of words on the former. Fun! Naughty fun! I sooo looove these guys!

Photo ops was a recurring activity all throughout. Heh! Heh! We looove the camera!

After a few more hours, we had a second round on the food after which, they all began walking home (It was past 7:00PM. There wasn’t any transportation available at our place.). They all sent me an SMS after getting home, reassuring me that they were safe. GOD bless them!

UFO-flying-saucer-cloudsThis was an interesting day: A lunar eclipse in the morning, a UFO saucer like cloud mass in the afternoon. It was real neat having to experience weird things on your birthday! Makes things more memorable!

Thank you LORD for everything! Thank you for the opportunity to be Recis! Thanks very much for 24 years of life!

Cheers! And happy birthday to me!! 😀

I looove you guys! Cor Unum rocks!

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Recis Dempayos

Budding YouTuber / vlogger, occasional blogger, aspiring multimedia artist.

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