Igniting the Will to Conquer

People set out to achieve a lot of things in a lifetime. These achievements that we aspire for can have a deep-rooted history from our past. Others can be from family and/or community traditions. They can also stem from personal values, causes, and ideals. No matter what these aspirations are, as long as they are righteous, their accomplishment fulfills part of our self-actualization.

Often, we set out our goals or aspirations at the spur of a moment. We may be triggered at a specific time and place, and then, decide to act on a goal right then and there. Although we take advantage of the elevated emotional drive to achieve our aspirations, we can suffer from the deficiency in planning and preparedness. As such, there comes a point when we delay achieving our goals indefinitely—sometimes, even for life. Truly, our drives, which fuel the achievement of our aspirations, can diminish.

Conservation of the Emotional Drive

Although there is an exhaustive limit to our emotional drives, we can stretch them up until the finish line. Conserving these drives, and not wasting them all at once, is very possible. We can do this by mapping out everything first, before taking action.

  • First, we should take a look at where we stand with our aspirations. Every observation and possible problems and solutions should be noted.
  • Second, we identify the specific problems in accomplishing our aspirations. This would later help us find our solutions. Although we identify the possible problems, we should keep a mindset to be ready to meet the unexpected.
  • Next, basing on the problems, we find the solutions. We should figure out the steps that we need to take from start to finish and even beyond the accomplishment of our aspirations. Figure out the materials/particulars needed. Estimate the expenses and the sources of funding. Identify the people who can help out and start building linkages/professional networks with them.
  • Solutions need not be quick-fixes as everything takes time. The journey of accomplishing an aspiration can take years and years, but this should never derail us. Also, if a particular solution fails, we only need to go back to the drawing board and come up with a better solution. Keep in mind that we need to fail many times to make the success sweeter.
  • After reaching our aspirations, we should look back for a while and savor all the things we went through, thank the people who helped us, and most of all, thank GOD for His guidance.

Standing for our Aspirations

Starting out at our aspirations is easy, but sticking to them until their materialization takes a lot of endurance. That’s what most of us need: Endurance, a combination of patience and determination. Realizing aspirations is a long journey, yes, and the end-result is so sweet. But we shouldn’t be misguided as to believing that the end matters; the journey and what we learn from it are as worthy, oftentimes, even more than the finish.

The will to conquer if the first condition of victory.

—Ferdinand Foch

Remember, victory wouldn’t be reached without realizing in oneself that he can achieve it. Believe first, and everything else will follow.



Published by

Recis Dempayos

Budding YouTuber / vlogger, occasional blogger, aspiring multimedia artist.

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