Some Things That Make My Heart Beat

bended-spoonI’ve come across bendedspoon‘s (see accompanying profile photo) uplifting blog post about some wonders of her heart. It was so lite and glowing that it brought me to Cloud 9—very touching and inspiring!

Because I was inspired by it, I thought of coming up with a blog post detailing some of the wonders of my heart. These “wonders” make my heart beat with overflowing life.

Of course, my heart beats for my family, relatives, friends, my dreams and aspirations, and the things that interest me. To divert from the ordinary, I opted to list seven “other things” that make me feel alive.

sleeping-kittens1. Kitty II’s twin kittens! They are so adorable and cute, I could eat them! *But of course, I won’t!* They have big heads that bump against things, and fluid eyes that stare innocently.
Playing carelessly,
to exhaustion,
sleeping soundly—
Shh! Don’t wake them now.

2. My new haircut! I decided to get rid of the long and layered style and just go for the short, medium-spiky, and clean-cut look.

3. Laughing at myself. 😀 For some reason, I seem to be getting in a lot of clumsy and embarrassing situations lately. Instead of feeling bad, I just laugh these off. I may look crazy, but at least I get a hearty laugh.

4. Singing classical religious songs. I don’t know how it happened, but I just got a kick into listening to masterpieces such as Panis Angelicus, Ave Maria, and Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring.

5. Listening to orchestral music. Aside from religious opera pieces, I suddenly became interested in philharmonic orchestra pieces. Classical music rocks!

6. Long and cold nights. It feels so comfortable curling in bed under a thick and warm blanket against the surrounding cold air.

7. Waking up at 3:00AM. I’ve always enjoyed the stillness of early mornings (very early mornings!). I could just be sitting outside on our porch breathing in the twilight air, listening to a drizzle against the leaves in the garden, or just being at peace with everything around me.

That’s it! The things that make my heart beat. There are many more wonders out there but putting them all here might be a tad too much.

How about you? What makes your heart beat?


Thanks very much to bendedspoon for publishing a blog post that served as the inspiration for another.


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Recis Dempayos

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