GOD’s Pharmacy

For the past few weeks, I’ve been indulging in a lot of sweets, fried foods, and powdered iced tea. Definitely not healthy! And surprisingly, I should have a health-conscious mind, what with all the working out that I do at the gym.

Thinking about my current diet made me remember a presentation sent to me by a former workmate. The said short presentation gave me an enlightening and an amusing take on how GOD designed fruits and vegetables and how each of these food nourish different parts of the human body.

I do hope this presentation will inspire you to reconsider taking on a more healthy approach to eating.

I’m ‘gonna change my eating habits to suit a healthier lifestyle.

Note: If certain slides in the presentation have no text or images, it may have something to do with your network connection (too slow to download the slides), Adobe Flash player (crashing), or Scribd (lapses in their uploading/downloading process or in their servers). If this is the case, I’d recommend downloading the presentation and viewing it from your hard drive. See the download link in the presentation window. You could also just wait for the presentation to complete loading.

To the original creator of this presentation: I’m sorry but I had to re-edit the slides to make the text more legible. I don’t know how to contact you because there weren’t any credits in the presentation. Peace!



Published by

Recis Dempayos

Budding YouTuber / vlogger, occasional blogger, aspiring multimedia artist.

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