The Vision of Escaflowne

I finished watching another animé series—my most favorite at that—on my smartphone. Granted, I could have achieved the same by watching on a TV or computer, but I would have dragged myself to so. Sometimes, watching a big screen can be lousy, probably because you feel you have limits in movement and on how you position your body while watching. But on a miniature screen, you can go anywhere, ride on anything, and be in any position—all while enjoying your show.


Where was I? Ah yes—my most favorite animé: The Vision of Escaflowne. I come from the generation that grew during the influx of animé in the Philippines. I’m sure each member of the “animé generation” has had/still has a favorite series.

As a favorite, you would think that I regularly watch every episode of Escaflowne. On the contrary, this is just my second time to watch this series. (The first was in 1999-2000 when it was aired on GMA-7.) I spent some time crawling the web for free download links to a DVD-esque quality of every episode and finally, I have completed it! I was also able to download the movie (Escaflowne), and two OST albums namely, Escaflowne: Over the Sky and The Vision of Escaflowne: Lovers Only.

I’m one happy Escaflowne-addict!

Why I Love It

Basically, the genre of this series is what I’m a big fan of. It’s got swords and mystics, travels through a dimension, dragons, mecha, battles, fate-alteration and emotion-manipulation, drama, and some comedy.

Oh, of course there’s  the proverbial love story: Girl falls for long-haired senior-high sprinter when suddenly, she gets transported to another world. In there, she falls for a look-alike of the senior-high sprinter—only, he has longer blonde hair, is a top-notch swordsman and knight, & is over-aged. (Talk about being fickle.) Meanwhile, shorter-haired brunette guy, who’s in fact a young king (and appropriately aged at that), falls in love with the girl; however, his feelings aren’t reciprocated. In short, he’s emo.

As you can glean from the above statements, this series was crafted for the enjoyment of both, male and female teens. In Japanese terminology, it’s a combination of both shōnen and shōjo genres.

The Movie

As with other animés, the movie is different from the series in terms of continuity. It’s a condensed form of the entire 26 episodes of the series. It’s gorier and presents a darker psychology of its characters. Another difference from the series, albeit one that I didn’t like, is the change in character designs. For example, those who were supposed to look royal, i.e. Princess Millerna Aston, looked like a bandit; while the supposedly classy knight, Allen Schezar, turned out to be an edgy resistance leader.

But still, the movie did a good enough presentation to serve as a summary of the series.

The Soundtrack

Probably one of the selling points of Escaflowne, the OST is composed mostly of neo-classical orchestra and choir music. It’s got the right blend of inspiration, contemplation, and suspense-thriller. I love it! perfect for various moods: Reminiscence, joy, love, sadness, anger, and fright.

It’s undeniable that the soundtrack also has a blend of Japanese pop. The two prominent songs are, of course, those used as the opening and closing themes of the series, respectively: Yakusoku wa Iranai (Promises Not Necessary) and Mystic Eyes. The first is a terrific choice for an opening theme, while the second has a groovy mid-tempo beat.

Final Words

An agitated heart calls the dragons . . . & hate and fear create conflict.

—Van Fanel, The Vision of Escaflowne: Episode 26

Released in April 2, 1996 on TV Tokyo by Bandai Entertainment and Madman Entertainment, this animé series was regarded as a masterpiece. Although it didn’t do well as expected within Japan, it became a worldwide hit. Egan Loo, a writer for Animerica, noted that this series had the “most dramatic music in a soundtrack,” for an animé.

I wished the producers thought of adding a few more episodes to allow more room for story-development. There are several twists in the story, all of which require more sequences and episodes to be properly portrayed. There were some instances while watching wherein I was confused or surprised at the sudden change of events.

But, oh well. It would take more than those flaws to make me give up on my most favorite animé.

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4 thoughts on “The Vision of Escaflowne”

  1. I also love Vision of Escaflowne! It’s my all-time favorite anime and I’m so happy to find someone from the Philippines who shares the same feelings as me. I will never get tired of watching it over and over again. Just like you, I was able to watch it for the first time in GMA-7 and since then it got a special place in my heart. And yeah, I agree with the post of Rogue|Hero: they don’t make great animes such as Escaflowne anymore..which is a shame.

    1. Hi gem!

      Ah! Those were the days when the anime revolution was at an all-time high! Even though great animes are hard to come by now, at least we can get to watch all the oldies thanks to available downloads on the net.

      By the way, thanks very much for visiting and commenting!


  2. awww… i missed this anime! this is one of the first few animes that i really liked!
    i found the movie good although, yeah it’s different from the series and would you believe that i have the cd of lovers only? the soundtrack of a girl in gaea? hahahaha! i’m such a weird anime fanatic before =))

    1. Hey TDB!

      You’re lucky to be able to get a CD of the Lovers Only OST. Although I have the mp3s to that CD, it’s still different to have the concrete album. He! He! Definitely an Escaflowne addict!

      But all in all, they don’t make animes like Escaflowne anymore.


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