Dragonfly Season

This is the closest photo of a dragonfly that I can get. *sigh!*

I hadn’t noticed it for a while, but it’s “dragonfly season” again! I don’t know if there’s an official festival or event for it but for me, the middle of August is when I get to see loads of dragonflies hovering around our house. Although now, there really aren’t loads of them; they have seem to decrease in number as years went by. I hadn’t noticed it until now.

I have since been enamored by dragonflies. Personally, they are more beautiful than the more popular showy insects like the butterflies. Dragonflies are simpler when it comes to wing aesthetics. On wing design, however, they are able to move around more freely in under minimal space. If you’ll look at dragonflies’ wings under a microscope, you’ll see striated lines branching everywhere while seemingly being encased in a clear but sturdy film. At times, their wings have color: Off brown, light rust, or greenish.

If we were to liken insects to angels, butterflies would be the common image of an angel—the one with two wide wings. But dragonflies would be the image of prophet angels—those angels with six wings branching up, down, and on the middle.

I know that you were looking forward to macro photos, but I’m sorry, I couldn’t get one. That’s another thing that’s changed: Before, dragonflies would rest on grasses and shrubs; now, it would seem that they’re afraid to settle down for just a while.

I felt disappointed when I observed the lessened number of dragonflies here at home. What happened? Less breeding ground? But everything around here is the same nature-friendly environment that I have come to know! Or is it? Oh well . . .


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Recis Dempayos

Budding YouTuber / vlogger, occasional blogger, aspiring multimedia artist.

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