The Slayers

I just love my new phone/smartphone, Erin; she can take great-looking photos, record HD videos, be an mp3 player, and be a video player processing common video codecs (like mp4, DivX/Xvid, and MKV) on a magnificently vivid screen. This last feature is of high significance to me because I am able to enjoy my favorite films and series.


Now the first series that I recently completed watching on my smartphone was The Slayers. It’s a 26-episode animé categorized into the sword-and-sorcery genre. One of the most popular animé series of the 1990s, it tells the story of Lina Inverse—a powerful sorceress—traveling through lands with her companions. In their travels, Lina and her friends battle gangs of bandits, evil sorcerers, individuals plotting to rule or destroy the world, demons, and dark lords.

One element of The Slayers that made it endearing is its comedy. Lina always gets herself into wacky situations, mostly with her sidekick and love-interest, Gourry Gabriev. Because it’s animated, most of the comic-relief that Lina and her friends provide are slapstick—which is just so darn funny! Personally, what makes Lina funny is her voice: It’s childish, yet she behaves like an adult. When she gets angry (in a funny sort of way), her voice just blends with her anger to come out as comedic (picture: an angry tone in a childish voice coming from a raging 16-year old girl :D).

The original Slayers series (first aired in 1995) had spawned four other animé series: Slayers NEXT (1996), Slayers TRY (1997), Slayers Revolution (2008), and Slayers Evolution-R (2009). It has two OVAs: Slayers Special (1996) and Slayers Excellent (1998). The series also has five films: Slayers The Motion Picture (1995), Slayers Return (1996), Slayers Great (1997), Slayers Gorgeous (1998), and Slayers Premium (2001). All of these series and feature films are based on light novels of the same title written by Hajime Kanzaka and illustrated by Rui Araizumi.

I actually watched the first series up to Slayers TRY on television as a kid. Eventually, I forgot all of its episodes, but I never forgot its title. And so, I scoured my sources to get the series and relive the joy of watching a classic animé.

Currently, I only have the first Slayers series. With four other series, two OVAs, and five films, I guess I have found an animé that will keep me preoccupied for quite some time. 😀


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