Blog Worries

scribes-express-blogI really worry about the things I post on this blog. Specifically, I worry about publishing personally creative articles that are liable to be taken by other people and be claimed as their own. Like poems, essays, and photos. So much of these are being syndicated all over the blogosphere without asking due consent from their originators. (I admit, I also do this sometimes; but for most, I ask permission. :D) It’s the reason blogging platforms state on their ToS that their users are responsible for the content that they upload to their servers.

Many forum users recommend that in order to prevent content theft on blogs, the most accurate, surefire way to do it is to not publish the content at all. Not exactly the answer I was looking for, but what else is there? So I kept thinking of just giving up blogging and be done with it, but then again, I like blogging. It’s like the Friendster, MySpace, and Facebook of amateur writers. Plus, I get to get in touch with a diverse community, find people with similar interests, and make new friends. Although I don’t find the concept of “Internet friendships” as “real,” it’s still friendship.

I worry about plagiarism so much, I took measures to prevent them. Like last June, when I found out that implemented the “Like and Reblog” feature. At first, I thought it was a great feature, then I discovered the possible repercussions it could bring and was since against it. I didn’t mind the “Like it!” thing; it was the “Reblog” option that got me pissed. There were protests from users all around but it the end, we weren’t heard.

Since users had to live with the feature, someone thought of manipulating the CSS style sheet of a blog in order to hide the “Like and Reblog” button from the administration bar. I followed suit and manipulated my blog’s CSS to hide that damn button and was then reassured of plagiarism prevention.

Then, released a statement that the manipulation of the administration bar is ground for violation of terms and can lead to suspension of account.

Oh great!

To add insult to injury, the CSS code that hides the “Like and Reblog” feature does not work. I don’t know how it is possible to render a CSS code as non-existent, but thanks very, very much! further reiterated that the “Like and Reblog” feature stays and that those who don’t want it can “move to other blogging platforms or get their own WordPress.” Not very supportive nor respectful of the users who greatly contributed to the success of WordPress today.

And I did think of getting my own WordPress. The problem was finding a reliable blog host at an affordable price. There’s, but it seems that their users are not happy with their services. These users actually don’t recommend GoDaddy! Then there’s Blue Host and DreamHost that seem promising but are expensive.

It’s actually recommended that if you’ll self-host your blog, don’t go for “all-in-one” services (i.e.: hosting, domain name registration, domain mapping, etc. all in one service). It’s best to get a service-provider for hosting, another one to handle domain registration, and another for domain mapping, and so on.

Two words: Very expensive!

Especially if one have no plans of monetizing his blog through paid ads and such.

So now, I’m stuck with posting second-hand, unoriginal content. I probably won’t post originals anymore—maybe not as often and as personal—but I guess this blog will still survive . . . just that its page views, page rank and Google standing will fall. I moved some of my posts to private—others, I just let them be. I really don’t like making half-hearted posts, but I don’t want anything being stolen from me!

Oh well,


This blog post was written by Rogue|Hero. [Scribe's Express — Copyright 2010]

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