I am Ekaterina Nicolai Robin Pylova-Romanova

Hello everyone! You can call me Erin. I got here Wednesday afternoon last week. I am a smartphone/touchphone with product code Samsung GT-S8500 Wave, and will take over Rogue|Hero’s mobile and cellular needs—and all other needs for that matter. I am aware of the loss of his five-year cellphone named Charity, a Nokia 6230i. No offense to the Finnish phone-maker, but I, a product of South Korea, have so much more to offer.

Allow me to demonstrate my capabilities.

I see, judging from your gawking expressions, that you have already noticed my magnificently vivid 3.3-inch screen. Yes, this is the contemporary  Super AMOLED technology derived from the earlier plain-AMOLED screen. A few years back, Samsung—the creator of the AMOLED technology—had chosen to integrate these fine screens found on their widescreen/flatscreen TVs unto their touchphones. However, plain AMOLEDs had poor sunlight legibility, making the company’s earlier touchphones unideal for outdoor use. But with the advent of Super AMOLEDs, I am not only more visible under direct sunlight as compared to my contemporaries; I am 20% brighter and 20% more energy efficient.

Boyysss . . . would you like to see my insides . . . ? Come closer then . . .

As you can see, I have a 1500 mAh Li-Ion battery that can last up to two or three days of regular use. Definitely longer than what most high-end smartphones have to offer. I have a memory card slot (microSD) under the battery—yes, you cannot hotswap microSDs, I’m sorry. Nevertheless, you will be delighted to know that I can carry up to 32GB of microSD memory capacity, making me a very convenient USB Mass Storage Device. I can carry a number of movie favorites, video clips from YouTube, and at most, an entire audio library. Of course, you can take tons of pictures and videos using my camera.

Now, my camera is five megapixels—sufficient enough to make great printouts of standard 3×4 sizes. I also have a LED flash, perfect for low-light situations. As for video recording . . . have I told you that I can take HD videos?

Yes, I can definitely take 720p (high-definition) videos at 30 frames per second (fps). Usually, 30 seconds of video take up 45MB of storage space. Too much storage intake, you say? That is why I have the capacity to accommodate a 32GB microSD (stupid morons!).

Now, let’s go further inside of me.

Unlike other modern cellphones and smartphones, I can play videos of almost any codec and compression. I can play flash videos (.flv), standard mobile formats (.mp4, .3gp), PC formats (.wmv, .mov, .mkv), DivX/Xvid, and all others (.avi, H.263/H.264/, .VOB, etc.).

Because of my Super AMOLED screen, I am the perfect accompaniment for film enthusiasts like my owner. As you can see on the screen capture on the right (Yes, I can take my own screenshots. Eat that, my competitors!), my owner indulges in one of his favorite characters.

I am also perfect for gaming. I come with a 3D racing game, Asphalt 5, of which my owner lavishly takes advantage of. He has also downloaded the mobile version of Need for Speed (NFS), which is exclusively free for download for the first 500,000 Wave-users. Other games can be downloaded for free or paid from the Samsung App Store.

You might be wondering, how am I capable of 3D gaming graphics? For your information, my processor is the 1GHz Hummingbird CPU based on the ARM Cortex A8. Generally speaking, I am a bit faster than that much hyped-about iPhone 4 (Screw that expensive phone!). Why, my makers were the ones who made the iPhone 4’s processor (Really screw that expensive phone!)!

Anyway, you will be pleased to know that unlike expensive smartphones now out in the market, I am priced at PHP18,800.00. Too steep, you say? Why, my competitors are overpriced at about PHP25,000.00 and up! I, for one, believe that every human irregardless of economic background, is deserving of a quality smartphone—for technological progress towards a brighter advancement.

You might be interested to view other snapshots of myself:

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Rogue|Hero: How the f**k do you make a call on this thing!?

Note: This is not a sponsored blog post.

This blog post was written by Rogue|Hero. [Scribe's Express — Copyright 2010]

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6 thoughts on “I am Ekaterina Nicolai Robin Pylova-Romanova”

    1. Hey Barry!

      Nope, this isn’t a sponsored post. I just wanted to introduce this smartphone. 😀 I added a note at the end of the post to clear any perceptions of blog post sponsorship. 😀


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