Happy Fathers’ Day, Dad!

How is life without a father?

I don’t really know. It’s my first Fathers’ Day without a dad, and I don’t miss him. Which is not to say that I disrespect his memory either. I just don’t “feel” like missing him. Some of my friends who’ve also lost their dads at earlier points in their lives say that they’ve had the same experience. They add that eventually, after about three or so years, you will feel that his presence is not there—suddenly, everything is different—because he is not there physically anymore.

So I guess I’m still normal if I behave this way. I’ll just cry, feel lonely, and revere in his memory when the time comes.

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The most endearing lesson my dad taught me was to do things on your own first, before asking me for help.

Well, he didn’t teach me that verbally. Instead, he showed it through his actions and in the way he raised me. For example, there was a time when I desperately wanted to learn how to play chess. I was in elementary then and all the kids were into it, except me. I knew that my dad was good in chess, so I asked him to teach me so I could participate in school. Instead of an affirmative answer, he said instead that I should go ask my friends to be the ones to teach me and then, practice on my own. He added that I should develop my own strategies all on my own.

Basically, his principle was to “do things on your own”.

Of course, I got disappointed ’cause he wouldn’t help his only beloved child. As time went on, I discovered that doing things on your own does have a very sweet reward: You can look back and say that you did this and that “all on your own”.

It may sound insignificant and downright egotistic, but being able to claim the spotlight legitimately, for something very victorious, is very rewarding. You are able to hurdle the obstacles and solve all problems all with your own strength. When you finally arrive at the point that have been aiming for, the victory will be so much sweeter, as compared to sharing it with someone else.

Sure, there are things that we can’t do on our own. But before asking for help, take pride in yourself and try doing things with your own strengths. You never know, you might discover something about yourself that you thought all along that you couldn’t do or never had.  You become stronger than ever. And when you are finally at that victorious moment, savor it, but don’t forget to give credit to another who had helped your throughout: GOD.

Happy Fathers’ Day, dad!! Thanks very much for bringing me to where I am. I love you, and until next time.


P.S.: I never got good at chess. Well, anyhow. . . 😀


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