So the girl you’re going out with, the one you’re attracted to, is pregnant

. . . from another guy.

In which case, you are definitely out of the picture with her. This girl and her “accidental” would-be husband are probably planning their civil wedding. There’s a chance that you might get to be with her—literally—in the wedding pictures. If you make it, you might also be one of her child’s godfathers. That’s the closest that you probably can get. Afterwards, kaput! She’s out of your life forever.

Why feel glum? She’s your friend, right? She’s off with a happy family (maybe). Shouldn’t you be happy for her?

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Okay, okay. So you really wanted to be more than friends with her. You wanted to court her, tell her how she was beautiful in your eyes, and—what’s that!? You once pictures a future family life with her? Well, it’s all your fault that’s not ‘gonna happen now! You were too busy “evolving yourself into a worthy guy.” While you were “evolving,” the little missy was busy screwing with all the guys she got hold of.

Look, it’s alright to be improving yourself physically, like losing fat, growing muscles, and upgrading your face. I know that you’ve been through tough times with society because of obesity. I also know that most people would find an obese guy wooing a hot and sexy girl as something hilarious. But come on! If this girl genuinely loves you, your physical appearance would be inferior to your attitude, inner characteristics, and how you make her feel. It’s been said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Just think: What if you looked handsome to her just the way you were then? Should’ve told her how you felt then, huh?

Pregnancies Outside Marriage

This is some revelation: Not only do pregnancies outside of marriage hurt the persons involved and their families, but also the people who are seemingly uninvolved with the couple. Don’t you just hate modern practices? Sex and pregnancy outside of marriage? Preposterous! Makes you feel old-fashioned . . . an outcast . . . a loser!

Don’t you wonder how these type of couples are ‘gonna get through family life? They’re having a kid, a responsibility; and they don’t even have stable jobs yet. No definite source of income. No proper land and housing. No clear plans. And most of all, they haven’t achieved their personal life goals, with a certainty that they’ll never achieve these ever.


What do boyfriends, who find out that their girlfriends are pregnant from other guys, do? Some break up with therm, which of course, is very fitting to do. Get rid of the unfaithful and ungrateful slut.

Others, on the other hand, look for reconciliation and compromise.


Deep devotion to the girl? She cheated! Look carefully! Open your eyes! Do you think she wouldn’t repeat her infidelity? Are you really assured that she loves you? Is she strong enough to resist temptation and be committed to you? No? Then you’re better off looking for a more worthy girl.

Married couples have a different and more complicated case, especially if they have kids. Meaningful talks and counseling involving the couple’s families, relatives, and friends should be undertaken. It will not be easy since there are people who are hurt and will want to express their rage verbally and/or physically. In this case, a period of time would have to be observed to cool down the anger, even for just a few notches.

What Are You ‘Gonna Do?

Forget her. Move on. Don’t dwell on the “what if I told her how I felt back then,” and “I should have courted her earlier” clauses. Everything’s done, you can’t turn back time. Look for more fitting girls. It’s not the end of the world. In time, the rightful girl will come along.

In the meantime, continue your “evolution into a worthy guy.”




  1. Crying guy: Screen capture from the 2010 movie, Dear John.
  2. Girlfriend cheating in bed: Signs That Your Girlfriend or Wife is Cheating on You – Catch a Cheater []

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One thought on “So the girl you’re going out with, the one you’re attracted to, is pregnant”

  1. this is always a case to case basis, the circumstances are always different too but yeah, forget and move on if it’s an option (for some it ain’t) hehe

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