Happy Philippine Independence Day, Kababayan!

One hundred twelve years of being free. Such a long time since the first; yet, here we are: Still alive and kickin’.

One hundred eleven anniversaries had already been observed. Each one was made as memorable as its last. And in the years that have since passed, many glorious moments have occurred, along with those that made us frown and feel ashamed.

Yup, with every glory and honor received, there will always be stains to deter us. I don’t know why it always happens. No sooner than after bestowing a prestigious international award on a fellow kababayan, that horrifying news items involving massacres and political scandals pop up.

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But even so, we always think and move forward. Sure, there are some people who slowly lose their trust, but overall, we don’t give up.

Independence Day. Philippine Independence Day. The most memorable one for me was the Centennial Independence Day Celebration. It was so full of streamers, Philippine flags, confetti, music, events, parades, the works! I was a kid and I didn’t really gave a hoot about the celebration back then; but I still indulged in it. After that, I just saw Independence Day as another traditional Philippine anniversary.

Now, I want to feel like I can be proud of this country and show it off to the whole world, even just on its anniversary of freedom. Too many negative things, but I intend to focus only on the positives. Never give up, keep moving forward!

Here’s to a more prosperous Philippines in the coming years!

How do you feel, Pinoy?



Published by

Recis Dempayos

Budding YouTuber / vlogger, occasional blogger, aspiring multimedia artist.

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