Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

When I was a kid, my mom would take me to church very early of every Sunday morning. Because we made it a point to be always early, we would skip breakfast, attend mass, then go home to have brunch. I remember back then when at times, I would complain of feeling hungry while in church. Once, I asked my mom why we had to skip breakfast, why we had to be early, and why couldn’t we attend the later services. (I was an annoying kid.) I didn’t like the fact that we had to eat brunch, which played tricks on my digestive system. I wanted to play and watch cartoons every Sunday morning. Plus, I didn’t like getting up early on a Sunday morning for something that we could be doing later in the day. I was lazy! (And a really, really annoying kid.)

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Patiently, she answered that we had to attend the first mass because that would be the only time when we could be in church, and that there were other things that would have to minded all throughout the rest of the day. She added that we had to have an early start since our home is kind of far from the church—if we got out of the house the same time other people did, we would only be late and will not be able to get ourselves seats. Finally, she concluded that we simply didn’t have time for breakfast when you’re trying to be on time for church. She said that we had to “make a sacrifice,”  just like what Jesus did for us.

I shut up thereafter.

Before that event, I viewed sacrifices as BIG (as in huge!) acts of giving something up for GOD or anyone else or to save a life (i.e.: sacrifice your life so that another will live). Never had I seen it to be as simple as sacrificing breakfast so as to be able to fulfill a weekly obligation.

Because of that, I have come to appreciate the beauty of sacrifice, even in its simplest forms, and to incorporate it into my life.

All thanks to my mom.

Happy Mother’s Day to your mom. Greet her, hug her, tell her how you love her, buy her flowers, treat her out, whatever. She’s done a lot of sacrifices for you—it’s time to give up something, even the simplest things, for her.



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