Today is Earth Day

Earth Day was first held in 1970 under the initiation of US Senator Gaylord Nelson. At the time, the purpose of the said event was to “raise awareness and appreciation for the environment.”

Now, it is an event that aggressively fights human intervention to his surroundings.

This is not to discourage Earth Day activities. A day/week dedicated to introspection on what we are doing to the environment and what we can do to rehabilitate it is very significant. It’s just that solid environmentalists strongly voice out their objections and showcase humanity’s shortcomings when it comes to caring for the environment. Too strongly in fact, that it leaves the general public looking very much undesirable or ungrateful of the world they live in.

Protests here and there, aggressive and argumentative advocates being put up—do we really need an influx of those?

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We all know that the environment is very important; we all know how to do our share in preserving it. People may be ignorant of what they are doing that may harm the environment, but all they need is to be properly and professionally educated or reminded. No condemnation, no degradation, no curses. Of course, with today’s rapid technological advancement, the world is transforming into a spherical dump site, giving a right for traditional environmentalists to shout their cries. Advancement is inevitable, so we just have to come up with collaborative ideas in order for technology and mother nature to work together in harmony.

Earth Day should be a fun event for us to see the world in ways we have never employed.

In line with today’s event, here is an animated short clip created by one of my favorite animated directors, Joaquin Baldwin. It’s entitled Papiroflexia (“origami,” Spanish).

And Happy Earth Day to everyone!


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Recis Dempayos

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One thought on “Today is Earth Day”

  1. I was at e-tapok that day. – a fun event.

    Everyone (Except for those who needs a lot of common sense) knows the present serious condition of the mother earth. Around the world, the impact of people’s activities has become apparently degrading to the welfare of the environment.

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