Unit II: Trails to Right Understanding

UPDATE [2011 June 28]: This blog post was written before this blog was renamed to What Recis Writes. As such, the most of the pronouncements made below are no longer implemented in the current time. Even so, the quality and continuity of blogging remains.

I know, I know. The word, “sex” is more noticeable than the badge as a whole. Anyways, it reflects my naughty nature. 😀


Scribe’s Express has bade goodbye to a year of experimental blogging. As it enters its second year, I have come to realize what my blog will evolve into; what I want it to be.

A year ago, I started Scribe’s Express with an aim to make it an online journal and just publish whatever comes to my mind and in my life. Before Scribe’s Express, I have maintained other blogs:

  1. The first one was Whimsical Heart, which was a trial blog and was hosted on Friendster. I tried to maintain it all throughout college, but eventually, my studies took more time and priority over it (which was a good thing for me).
  2. The second was Flick Scribbles, a movie and television review blog hosted on WordPress.com. That was my first serious venture into blogging. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to maintain it because I felt restricted having only to talk about what I watch.
  3. The third was Whimsical Scribe, a general blog hosted on Blogger. Now, this blog would have thrived up to now but, because I had difficulty with Blogger’s user interface, I eventually abandoned it.

So now, we come to the current blog. So far, I have been enjoying blogging on WordPress.com. It’s been tough trying to make an entry at least once or twice a month, but what mattered was that I was able to write and publish on topics that I wanted to share. No restrictions blog topics. No difficulties on user interface platform. No pressure on frequency of publishing blog posts. Just pure writing/blogging enjoyment.

Trails to Right Understanding

As I have said before, blogging to me is a pastime. But now, I have resigned to add a new purpose for this blog: To inspire its readers in a way or another to take action for decent living. Nowadays, I read/hear/watch stories of people messing up their lives for what appear to be minuscule setbacks. It is these types of people whom I would like to reach out to. I want them to know that the battles in and out of ourselves can be easily won if you just see them from a different perspective. I want to impart that although problems arise, we shouldn’t dwell on the miseries that these bring. If we do, how else are we going to move forward? Lastly, I want to take a stand that although there are different ways of living and being happy in life, there are limits and we should choose only what is right. Something may be good for us, but it isn’t right to be doing it.

Because the world is such a large audience, what better way to reach out to its majority but through the Internet? Within this blog, I will chronicle all the experiences that I go through in my life. And it is with those articles that I hope to impart enlightenment through what I have learned and how I have grown through a particular experience. I’m no professional life/living/inspirational expert. All I have are my experiences, my mind, and my conscience.

I know that at 22, I’m still young to be doing this sort of thing, but starting out young allows you more real-life experiences. I am not experienced in life yet, but I can still use my experiences as a young adult to relate to whatever situation you are in. I am not an authority on the subject of what is right and wrong, but I have a conscience and an educated mind to know the difference. What will matter is on who’s side you are on; there is no middle-ground.

I cannot please everyone—I know that, and I’m not desperate to do so. All I ask is that people really think about the situation at their hands and consider past and present life before deciding and voicing out their side.

It’s ‘gonna be hard, it’ll take a lot of work. As a pastime, blogging should be relaxing for me—no worries whatsoever—still, I want my pastime to be productive. It may take long days, weeks, or even months before a post is published however, keep in mind that it takes time to craft something that is worthwhile. Working hard and blogging seems incompatible, given the modern outlook that blogging is easily undertaken by anyone at anytime. Personally, it doesn’t matter—this is how I will try to contribute in making the world a great place to live, and I will stick to it.


There will always be change in this world. As they say, “Change is the only permanent thing in this world…” So I’ve changed some things on this blog, mostly on the user interface and the overall design. These changes are minor; if you’re a regular Scribe’s Express reader, you probably didn’t even notice them:

  1. I edited the banner so it would have a darker color, giving a high contrast with the tint-colored text.
  2. I changed the global font colors to be more vivid against the background. (No more green-colored fonts on the announcement box!)
  3. I removed the RSS Feed button at the top of the sidebar and replaced it with cool black and white icons: One each for posts and comments feeds. Additionally, I also placed and option with examples of how you can subscribe only to a specific category you want here on Scribe’s Express.
  4. I have adapted a minimalist scheme, while retaining some parts of the original design and introducing Web 2.0 elements so as not to make the blog boring to look at.
  5. I will be implementing a fixed layout for the different types of blog posts that I will be publishing. Before, I employed a freestyle approach, which at some point, became messy and straining to view. Although freestyle allows artistic freedom, organization and uniformity should still be observed.
  6. I have transferred the links/blogroll from the sidebar unto a page and renamed it “Modified Blogroll.”
  7. I’ve included a “Food” category, meaning I’ll be making some posts about food—I love to eat! (Who doesn’t?) Because I’m also a gamer, I’ll probably include a “Games” or “Video Games” category. But I stick to a particular video game for some time before moving on to another, so I may not be able to make frequent posts on that topic.
  8. Lastly, I made some changes on the front page so as to decrease page loading time. I was moved to do so after discovering that there are web surfers out there who still use a 56 kbps modem. These changes are:
  • disabling the avatar feature on the comments widget. Only the names of commentators will now be visible,
  • decreasing the number of images on the sidebar and header.
  • Additionally, I will now start optimizing each image that I will be attaching to every post and I will try to refrain from using an image’s maximum size when posting,
  • As much as possible, I will decrease my use of interactive media/widgets on blog posts (trailers, audio-video players, etc.), and
  • I will be using tables for aligning images.

So that’s the introduction to the new year of Scribe’s Express. I thank you so much for bearing with this blog in the past year. I will give my best to make this site better for your reading convenience. I will also strive to improve my writing—giving particular attention to spelling and grammar. Please don’t be turned off by the seeming formality presented here because Scribe’s Express will still be the same old, but brand new blog.


I am also thinking of doing other social networking activities outside of Scribe’s Express. I’ll probably start a video blog sometime in the future. It’s not concrete yet—I’ll have to think about it and consider my schedule (i.e., if my schedule permits it). Also, I’m thinking of making another blog. A sexy blog? 😮 I don’t know—I may not be able to maintain another blog besides this one. Oh well…

Until the next post, dear readers!


Published by

Recis Dempayos

Budding YouTuber / vlogger, occasional blogger, aspiring multimedia artist.

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