RIP: June 2005 – 01 April 2010

“Parting is such sweet sorrow,”
Goes Shakespeare’s famous irony.

But honeyed it never was for us
Not for you, and for that, not for me.

Your absence forevermore
I endure as penance

That carelessness on mine
Finally be banished.

Thus, to stories we had,

whispers to your ear
strokes on your face
thrusts to your control
pressures so light
plunges in union
sighs and breaths
coupled for life.

>]” />

The above poem was inspired by a loss. Actually, that loss is my mobile phone. A Nokia 6230i. It’s been a week already, and the chance of getting it back is zero. It’s a shame, ’cause despite our five-year mobile technological relationship, it was still in tip-top condition. Back in 2005, this model was rendered as a midrange unit that can do everything. It was a leader during its time. No number of bumps, falls, or throws could break its internal circuitry. Dampness cannot penetrate through its casing. Memory processing is smooth. The pictures and video clips it took were satisfying. Above that, its audio-video player provided me entertainment in my moments of boredom.

I have known that if a person goes missing for five days, it is imperative that you file a “missing case” with your local police. In the case of cell phones, you just buy a new model. No, I didn’t buy a new model; I got a new SIM instead and inserted it in my late father’s phone. Even if I could file a “missing case” for such an object, I wouldn’t know the details anyway. I DON’T KNOW HOW MY PHONE GOT LOST! I put it in my pocket when I left home on Thursday (April 01) and when I got home, it wasn’t there! Either way, it:

  • fell from my pocket
  • was snatched
  • teleported to another dimension

Technology that travels through time and space. I know that it’s not possible, but who knows? With artificial intelligence, the combination of nature and technology, and other such stories, it’s a possibility.

If the damn phone fell from my pocket, it serves me right for being so sloppy.

If it was snatched, may the pickpocket suffer my curse of wrath. I couldn’t believe someone would steal on a Maundy Thursday!

*sigh!* What a way to lose a mobile phone.

So now, I’m stuck with looking for a new phone. I don’t feel comfortable using my dad’s phone–the keys are hard to press and it’s very far behind when it comes to features. It’s a Nokia 1202. It may be digital, but when compared to today’s mobile market, its analog.

Looking for a new phone is one of the things that I hate doing but needs to be done and over. I have laid down basic parameters to help me choose a phone, namely:

  1. The new phone will be a smartphone. I’ve used low- to midrange phones for nine years now, and would like to experience using high-end models.
  2. Don’t buy newly-released models. They can have unknown bugs and manufacturers might release better versions or upgraded models six months to one year after release.
  3. Excellent photo and video capture and playback.
  4. Internet connectivity via Wi-Fi and 3G/HSDPA.
  5. It should look cool. 😀

I went over the Internet and browsed over various brands, models, and professional and actual reviews and user experiences. Here, I lay down specific choices from my search:


  • Nokia
  • Samsung
  • Sony Ericsson



N97 or N97 mini

Why I like it: It’s five megapixel camera has Carl Zeiss Tessar optics. You can watch television on it.
Why I probably won’t buy it: Resistive touchscreen—I hate using a stylus, although it has better accuracy. Low RAM at 128 MB. No DivX or Xvid support.

X6 (16 or 32 gigabytes)

Why I like it: Like in the N97, it’s five megapixel cam employs Carl Zeiss Tessar technology. It’s got a bit lesser features compared to the N97, but at least it uses a capacitive touchscreen, which is my preference.
Why I probably won’t buy it: Poor screen legibility in sunlight. No DivX or Xvid support. 128 MB RAM. No expandable memory. It’s relatively new, so it’s not been extensively reviewed or used, yet.


Omnia (i900)

Why I like it: It’s like the N97, but from my viewpoint, it’s got more to offer, like the combined 128 MB RAM and 256 ROM memory.
Why I probably won’t buy it: Resistive touchscreen and unlike in its predecessors, a TFT screen (vs. AMOLED). No Carl Zeiss Tessar optics on its five megapixel camera, so the photo and video resolution may be low. Poor sunlight legibility.

Omnia II (i8000)

Why I like it: AMOLED touchscreen. Almost like the first Omnia, but better.
Why I probably won’t buy it: Resistive touchscreen. Five megapixel camera. Just 65,000 colors (as compared to other higher screen color resolution). Web browser has reported issues with Flash.

Omnia HD (i8910)

Why I like it: I perceive it as a huge improvement from the plain Omnia, the biggest of which is reflected on its hi-def (HD) video recording and playback. AMOLED capacitive touchscreen. 256 MB RAM. Eight megapixel camera with LED flash, although there is no Carl Zeiss Tessar support.
Why I probably won’t buy it: Reported sluggish image gallery browsing. Reported limited applications (in 2009).

>Sony Ericsson

Xperia X10

Why I like it: Reported as the first Android-run smartphone of SE—and thus, a perfect outcome. Eight megapixel camera.
Why I probably won’t buy it: No DivX and Xvid support. No secondary front camera.

So far, I’m leaning towards the Samsung Omnia HD. I was thinking that with it, I will be able to take HD videos wherever I go. I’ve used Nokia for my past two phones and I would like a change for the third. The Xperia X10 looks promising, but the Omnia HD seems to outweigh it. I’ve also watched video demos and reviews of the presented phones, and I really drooled over the features of the Omnia HD.

But of course, I may be wrong.

I’m asking you if you have had any experience in using the aforementioned brands and their models. I really need user-generated experience to determine which one among these is: Durable, has long-battery life, takes quality pictures and video, has excellent audio-video playback, is capable of seamless Internet connectivity, has an acceptable memory/processor for its applications, and has less lag. These parameters are above the usual call and SMS features. Please help me out!

By the way: The iPhone 3G is out of the question! It’s not that I hate it; there just isn’t any Apple store within a 10-kilometer radius from where I live. Outrageous, I know, but what can I do about it?



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Recis Dempayos

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6 thoughts on “RIP: June 2005 – 01 April 2010”

  1. Do you think it is a good idea to get a Nokia X6 16GB? I am really thinking about getting one, as almost everybody in my company uses a Nokia Smartphone.

    1. Hey handy!

      Up to now, I still don’t know what brand and unit to get, so I can’t give any recommendations. But I’ve done some thinking and thought that your phone of choice should contain all the features that you will really be using and enjoying. Personalized functionality first, over aesthetics and the ability to show-off.

      And, don’t get a certain phone just because everyone else is getting it.


  2. dude, you’re still lucky… me, i already lost 5 phones… the longest one that i have was for about 1 one year and 7 months…

    anyway, choose Sony Ericsson…

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