Tiny Sacrifice, Overwhelming Exaltation

I love going over YouTube and discovering artists of various genres and/or mediums presenting their work through video. Through this, I came across Joaquin Baldwin, a director who specializes in animation. He is the director and animator of the critically acclaimed animated short film, Sebastian’s Voodoo.

Sebastian’s Voodoo is the story of a voodoo doll who “must find the courage to save his friends from being pinned to death.” The protagonist’s name is, according to Mr. Baldwin, a tribute to St. Sebastian (died c. 288)—Christian Saint and martyr. Saint Sebastian is illustrated in art and literature as being tied to a post and being shot at with arrows. He is also referred to as the Saint who was martyred twice.

Going back to the video, I found the following comment on it:

With that, I thought that this video would fit in nicely with the season of Lent, and will reinforce Jesus’ sacrifice for humanity. Without further ado… *drumroll* …the animated short film, Sebastian’s Voodoo.

What I like about the animation:

  1. Sebastian’s selflessness.
  2. His courage.
  3. The voodoo dolls—they’re adorably cute!
  4. The observable way the voodoo dolls breathe—you can actually see the rise and fall of their chests.
  5. The observable way the voodoo dolls wink.
  6. The music that paved the way for a smooth delivery of the story from the beginning, the rising action, climax, and the falling action.
  7. How it made me teary-eyed.

Oh, and here is another comment that definitely fits in with the earlier one. Note that this is from Mr. Baldwin’s YouTube channel.

To close, I leave my message for the season of Lent:

At certain times in your journey of life, you fall. You may find it intricate to get to your feet due to life’s insufferable burden. Never give up. Though HE fell three times under the weight of the unbearable cross, HE still stood up each time and endured HIS journey to Calvary; even if HE was nailed and eventually died, in the end, HE soared to the heavens. Don’t give up on your aspirations; HE didn’t give up HIS aspiration to save you.

The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases. No matter what you’ve done, you’re not a failure ’till you quit trying.


Published by

Recis Dempayos

Budding YouTuber / vlogger, occasional blogger, aspiring multimedia artist.

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