La Trinidad Strawberry Festival 2010

The La Trinidad Strawberry Festival has finally kicked off! That signifies, for me, the official start of summer in the Philippines! Yeah man!

Annually, our municipality observes the Strawberry Festival. This is in conjunction with our municipality’s founding day, which occurs on the same month as the festival—March. And what better way to enjoy this celebration than by savoring different preparations of the core food of the month—strawberries!

I find myself very blessed to be within close access to strawberries anytime I want. Now, how did I enjoy the festival?

Festivals involve a lot of people, which means lots of girls. The only problem is, most are too young for me...
...while some are alredy married, have kids, and are already into their 30s, 40s, 50s, and above!

I don’t go to festivals just to ogle at females—I also pay attention to the festival displays. Our current Strawberry Festival has a varying degree of products… so (the strawberry jams and preserves on the left, just behind the kid)...
...and so (the small, red fruits on display—not the girl in the background staring at the camera).
There are also general merchandise and landscape designs to see (The landscapes were not yet open when I visited—I was very early—so I didn't get any pictures of them.).
Of course, this blog post wouldn't be complete without some pics of the fruit of the month and some of its preparations.
I will present three:
First, we have the strawberry jams and preserves. You can make them with just water and sugar however, they take a long time to be done—so I just bought the finished product (a bottle of jam). 😀

You may ask, “What’s the difference between jams and preserves?”

Jams are made using rejected fruits—not the rotten ones—just those that were crushed for some reason, but are otherwise still okay to eat. Preserves are made using non-rejects.

Next would be the proverbial summer cooler—a smoothie!
Ingredients: Strawberries, bananas, ice, ice cream, sweetened condensed milk, and yoghurt.
Setting: Puree (or whichever you like—they all seem to have the same outcome anyway).
The Pink Hole:
The pink ho—I mean—the smoothie is a perfect quencher for the summer.
Pink ho—I mean, pink beard!

If you aren’t within reach of a bundle of strawberries, you can settle for the most famous summer cooler of them all: *drumroll* cream!
Oh so yummy sweet...

Finally, after all the eating, you should…

...exercise and burn off all the calories you took in! Cheers everyone!

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5 thoughts on “La Trinidad Strawberry Festival 2010”

  1. April and I make smoothies all the time and almost whatever flavor we are making we always include a few strawberries and a touch of lemon to give some punch to the taste. We love strawberries!

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