Aguilera is on Her Way Back!

I was going over the Internet when I came across this sudden renovation from A countdown. And a subscription button. Ingenious!

I am a Christina Aguilera fan. What I love about her is her artistry. She’s an open-minded person, is a fighter, and is very determined. If you will get to know her story before all the fame, you might get to like her. She has been brought struggles, which validates her artistry. (I’ve always seen artists as people who have been through a lot of trying times.) To top it off, she is very gifted as a musician. It’s rare occurrence having someone who is both talented and artistic.

It’s been some time since Aguilera’s last album came out (2006). Hopefully, with her new album, Bionic, the music scene will see and hear something new and rad!


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Recis Dempayos

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