YOU Resolve to Enjoy Life More! (6/7)

Before reading this blog post, kindly go over the earlier published blog post, YOUR New Year’s Resolution: Preface, first.

I’ve watched Last Holiday, starring Queen Latifah, so many times now. I love the simplicity of the story and how it delivers its message: Enjoy life. In the movie, Georgia Byrd (Latifah), is a low-key cookware store clerk when one day, she is diagnosed with Lampington’s Disease (a condition with multiple brain tumors). She is given about one month to live, unless she undergoes a cranial debulking surgery.  Having no means to pay for the operation, she resigns from her job, liquidates all of her assets, and goes on a lavish European vacation to enjoy her remaining days.

…Enclosed is some money for my burial. I would like to be cremated. I spent my whole life in a box. I don’t want to be buried in one.

—Georgia Byrd’s farewell letter

Two points of interest here: An individual with low self-esteem and a life-changing experience.

You may be someone who looks at him/herself as a “regular,” “average,” or “mediocre.” You feel that you ought to be special but for some reason, you don’t feel and live it. Instead, you feel insignificant, but you’re fully content with the ordinary run of life.

Then, there comes the time when you go through the lowest points that life has to offer. Unaccounted experiences in the form of accidents, death, sickness, etc. You feel that you have lost everything and there is nothing that can bring back all that you have lost. You don’t know what to do, but just give up.

Often at the point of despair, we discover pleasantries that we never thought we could have. We suddenly experience all that have pined for. As the opening lyric to the song, Samson by Regina Spektor goes,

You are my sweetest downfall.

True, it is in falling that we learn to rise and redirect our lives. We suddenly see the meaning of it all—the hardships, mistakes, and the wrong way that we’ve been living. Our lives flash before us and show us what we should have been doing all along. Once you have realized the rightful way your life should have been, it wouldn’t matter whatever you’ve got. You would never turn your back again and you become bold enough to face whatever comes your way. There is a renewed sense within and you’re afraid no more.

As the current American Idol, Kris Allen, would say:

Every second counts on a clock that’s ticking
We gotta’ live like we’re dying

—From the song, Live Like We’re Dying

Understand that once the moment comes and goes without you in it, it may never come back. There can be a lot more chances—second, third, fourth, and so on—but they wouldn’t be more worth it as the first. Don’t make the mistake of grabbing the right opportunity at the right time.

The Right Time

But of course, you should make sure that everything is at its rightful place. Don’t just get everything that comes your way. You may have the right thing but the timing is just so wrong. For example, sex. You feel it, you love it, and you crave for it. The problem is, you’re not married, and you do it with just anyone. Wrong timing. Later on, you would be a young unwed father or mother or worse, an AIDS patient. *Tsk! Tsk!*

Once you feel renewed in life, take it for the right causes. Don’t be overly renewed or more aptly, don’t be compulsive. Learn to control yourself, your desires, your motivation, your fight, everything—and keep them in place. Watch yourself. Being strong is a great, but don’t abuse it.

For everything else, just enjoy life.

You have been very lucky. Oh, you didn’t get everything you wanted but… you…

Next time, you do things different. We will laugh more, we’ll love more… we’ll see the world! We just won’t be so afraid.

Happy new year! *sigh!* Look at you…

—Georgia Byrd, talking to herself in the mirror

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